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Big Brother Canada Recap: Episode 21

Big Brother Canada Recap

Beast Coast Breakdown

With the last episode ending halfway through the Head of Household competition leaving the power of the house up in the air. Who is going to win the HoH and who will they nominate out of the possible four remaining players? Will the main alliance break down and fall a part leaving an opening for Peter to make it even further in the game?
Head of Household
(The HoH has all the power in the house.)


Jillian ended up winning the HoH competition at the strt of this episode. She won it pretty easily, securing her third win of the season and if you add that to Emmet's two, you have the strongest alliance in Big Brother Canada history. After the crazy celebration that had her looking like Brock Lesner after his first win in the UFC, she gathered everyone up to go check out her new(third) HoH bedroom. Emmet and her were the only ones that were excited all the other house guests were quite tired of seeing her win so they all seemed pretty annoyed. Before the nominations she discussed game play with Emmet and I think they are planning to get Peter out but have a worry that Andrew might be more of a threat.

(The two players currently nominated for eviction.)

Peter - The last member of the Shield(or The S.H.I.E.L.D.) is the main target of Beast Coast but he is very good at manipulating people and could very likely safe himself.

Andrew - One of my early favorites to win the whole thing. He has been on the block and the brink of elimination one time before and could be a juicy pick for a backdooring if he doesn't win the Veto.

Have/Have Not Competition
(The Have/Have Not competition decides who will be haves and who will eat slop and sleep in a clown infested, super orange bedroom.)

Competition: Rub a Dub Dub

The Have/Have Not reward competition saw Peter and Emmet team up against Talla and Andrew for a possibility to be the Haves of the week. The main goal was to scrub your team mate with a piece of soap that had a key in the middle. When the player scrubbed the bar of soap enough so that the key would come out, you had to take the key and unlock a box in order to get their reward. The winners didn't only get to be Haves they also earned a special dinner and the privilege to choose one luxury item a day for Big Brother to bring into the house. The losers weren't only Have Nots this week they also got a couple punishments. They had to be the servants to the Haves, do laundry, dishes and had to do whatever the Haves asked them to do. On top of that they also had to wake up an hour before everyone and watch ten minutes of Emmet and Jillian making out on the big screen.

Winners: Peter & Emmet
Losers: Talla & Andrew

Random Thoughts
(Here are some of my random thoughts.)

- Andrew is the sneakiest, most deceptive player in the game but is doing it so stealthily that no one has even noticed.

- Jillian is the most overrated people in this game. She has one three HoH's but one of those was because she was up against Topaz. She also has never given anyone one a straight answer and has broke her promise more than once, which is never good when it comes to jury votes.

- Angry Talla strikes again and doesn't make just a quick appearance, she stayed almost the whole episode. She also tried to say "pawn" but instead said "pond."

- The fake nomination speeches are starting to get on my nerves. Alec's were never funny, Jillian's "too, too cute" line was sickening and Emmet saying Talla was too annoying(although hilarious and true) just caused a whole bunch of unneeded friction.

Running Cast Grade: C+
(Last Episode: C)
(Grading the cast on an episode to episode basis.)

Angry Talla saved this episode. She made it more exciting, built the tension and actually yelled at every one for no reason, which is always fun. Since she isn't one of the nominees I can only hope that Angry Talla will be back again next week. Who else comes back? Who will Canada vote back from the Jury house? hopefully whoever it is brings celebratory booze to calm Angry Talla down. 

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