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Big Brother Canada Recap: Episode 25

Big Brother Canada Recap

Can Dan Spice Up The Game?

With five players left and really just two people controlling the house, the only way for change to happen is if Gary can seriously infiltrate Emmet and Jillian's alliance. At this point it looks like Andrew is on the outs with his alliance, Talla is a wildcard and Gary is desperate to stay and will do or say anything to accomplish that, so it is pretty much up to Emmet on how to manage the game. With Veto up for grabs and a special guest let's hope something big happens or at least something fun.

Power of Veto
(Winning the Power of Veto means you can change one of the nominations.)

Competition: The Price of Veto

Hosted By: Dan Gheesling

This week the Veto competition is an auction type game. Each player starts with 30 and will be offered a prize or a punishment with a coordinating point amount. To earn a prize the players would need to give up point and if you accept a punishment you will earn points. The person with the most points, after the nine offers, will win the Power of Veto. The twist is that the only person that knows who earned the prize/punishment is the person that hit the buzzer and every one else will learn after the competition.


1. Who is willing to cut up the clothes they are wearing for 5 points? (Winner: Talla) (Secondary Winner: Men of Canada)

2. Who is willing to be a Have Not for the rest of the season for six points? (Winner: Gary)

3. Who is willing to wear a prison suit and wear a ball and chain for a week to earn 7 points? (Winner: Gary)

4. Who is willing to give up 5 points for a season slop pass? (Winner: Talla)

5. Who is willing to stay awake 24 hours straight for 7 points? (Winner: Gary)

6. Who is willing to be the house bathroom attendant for the day to earn 6 points? (Winner: Jillian)

7. Who is willing to give up 9 points for $1000 cash? (Winner: Emmet)

8. Who is willing to not shower (or go into the pool/hot tub) for a whole week to earn 9 points? (Winner: Gary)

9. Who is willing to get a haircut of Big Brothers choosing for 11 points? (Winner: Andrew)

Winner: Gary

Ceremony: Gary used the Veto on himself and Emmet had to nominate someone in his place.
(The two players currently nominated for eviction.)

Andrew - Old Man Andrew is getting crankier than ever and it probably has to do with his impending doom. Can you really blame him?

Talla - Could Talla be anymore useful? I don't think so, she might be the most suited person ever to be a pawn.

Special Guest Sleepover

Dan Gheesling

In order to build some drama and create some action Big Brother decided to send in the most schemingest player in Big Brother US history. And from what they've shown us, he does absolutely nothing except make the remaining five players to do stupid pranks to earn a red headband. He got Talla to jump in the pool, Jillian had to poor juice on herself while dancing seductively, Andrew had to kiss Jillian right in front of Emmet and Emmet had to impersonate Gary. All the tasks felt very high school-ish and if it wasn't for the last task I don't think I would have laughed this entire segment. The last task was Gary's and he had to poor water on the first person that fell asleep, which just so happened to be Talla. When Talla woke up and started stumbling around the house like a zombie I could not stop laughing.

Besides the pranks, all Dan seemed to do was to tell each player that they needed to make a big move. It seemed he tried to play everyone against Emmet since Emmet is the "biggest threat." He really just kind of told everyone what he thinks they should do with very little context from the season. Gary just can't get Talla to join him and then hope she wins the Veto(she hasn't won anything) and Andrew doesn't have any more moves since he pledge his allegiance to Emmet and Jillian. The whole thing seemed like maybe an attempt at a ratings boost or just trying to make the final five less boring.

Random Thoughts
(Here are some of my random thoughts.)

- The biggest and best twist would have been if Big Brother would have given Dan the permission to evict one of the house guests. At the very least let him give out the PoV or change one of the nominees.

- Dan was really trying to get in Emmet's head when he was there.

- Talla is ridiculous and I really don't think she knows what's going on most of the time. I also think she might be reading cue cards in the diary room or else she just has really active eyes.

- I don't know if the producers told them to play dumb about who won the Veto but as soon as Gary was told how many punishments he had compared to everyone else (Gary: 4 Talla: 1 Andrew: 1 Jillian: 1) they should have known immediately who won. 

- Zombie Talla might be the funniest version of Talla we have seen so far.

Running Cast Grade: B-
(Last Episode: C+)
(Grading the cast on an episode to episode basis.)

Adding Dan Gheesling to your cast, even if just for the day, will always boost your grade. He came in for 24 hours and did his best to stir up trouble. The only problem with that is that none of the house guests(excluding maybe Gary) don't want trouble and would rather have a very simple final four alliance. Now that Dan has come and gone we are again left with the no fun bunch. At this point my only suggestion would be to get an endless supply of booze in there and have at least one more twist that keeps Andrew over Talla because if Andrew goes the possibility for drama drop considerably (unless of course Drunk Talla is there for the rest of the season.)

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