Friday, August 31, 2012

If You’re Not Watching: America’s Got Talent

I.Y.N.W. : AGT

(Every Friday in this post I will write and link a video of something that if you’re not watching you are missing out on. Whether it’s a reality TV show, a network drama or a half hour sitcom I will let you in on all the stuff you’re missing on TV while you’re out having a life.)

This week’s edition of “If You’re Not Watching” centers around one performer on the never consistent reality talent show, America’s Got Talent. Now, I bet you’re asking “Why would I tune in to a complete season of America’s Got Talent for one performer?” And to that I would answer “Well why you got to be such a cynical bastard?” (I like to answer questions with questions.) In all seriousness though there is a good chance that you wouldn’t tune in for a whole season to catch a single performer that’s why I suggest figuring out when William Close will be performing and tune in or at least TiVo it.

 “Who’s William Close?” is probably what you’re asking. Good question! Well he is a 42 year old musician and inventor. His main musical instrument/invention is called the Earth Harp, which is a giant Harp that extends from the stage over the audiences heads and into the rafters. Not only is it mesmerizingly massive its sound is familiarly beautiful with a mix of a guitar and piano sound.

The Earth Harp is not the only reason I am suggesting that you check this guy out, there are many more. There are the many other strange instruments you will see in any one of his performances. He has extremely capable musicians and singers backing him up and his performances are always so well put together that the whole vibe comes through extremely well on TV.

Here are some of his videos from this year’s America’s Got Talent:

America's Got Talent Semifinals
(Performance at 1:30)

America's Got Talent Quarterfinals
(Performance at 1:20)

America's Got Talent Auditions
(Performance at 2:10)

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  1. I still remember the first time William Close stole the stage with his amazing earth harp. I honestly think he’s this season’s winner. Americas Got Talent has been great this year and I hope it can keep up the momentum. I wouldn’t have ever watched if my coworker at Dish hadn’t suggested it. My wife and I love to watch this together and share a few thoughts on who’s making it to the next audition. The only thing better than watching this show is the option to skip commercials. I’ve been able to enjoy my episodes commercial free using the Auto Hop feature. The commercials will always be there if you want to watch them, Auto hop just does the fast forwarding for you. I can watch my entire episode and found that it can be much more entertaining when I’m not yanked from the show every ten minutes by commercials. I won’t put so much wear on my remote anymore.