Thursday, August 2, 2012

Big Brother Recap: Episode 9

Sushi and Spin the bottle


This year’s Big Brother has been all about making and breaking deals. Everyone has a deal with somebody else to keep them safe next week. It seems that every one of those deals will fall apart sooner or later on Big Brother 14.

After the nomination ceremony Ashley can’t believe she was nominated because she was 99 percent sure she was safe. Even if you are 100 percent sure you should be worried in the Big Brother house. On the other hand Joe wasn’t surprised as much as he was just pissed off, “I am angry, I am frustrated; I’m on the block because my coach is Janelle.”

Janelle doesn’t seem worried at all, she tells her team that they have to put on smiles and “start kissing ass.” She also decides it’s time for her to get to work and she goes to the HoH room to talk to Britney. She plays it off like she isn’t mad at Britney or Shane for nominating two of her players and in the calmest, nicest voice tells Britney that she just wants to work with her again, that’s all. Janelle continues to push the idea on Britney that Shane needs to get rid of Frank because he is the biggest threat. Britney doesn’t really trust Janelle because she knows just how good Janelle is at this game.

Britney lets Shane in on what Janelle was just telling her.  Brit tells him that if he wins the power of veto then Janelle’s team needs them and will be willing to make any deal. Shane agrees saying to Britney “you can always back door anyone.” I don’t think Shane understands that it’s him and not Britney that has the power. If someone were to tell him his best move was to nominate himself I think he would do it.

Janelle is back to pushing her team into going to see Shane and telling him they want to deal. Wil and Ashley say they don’t want to known as ass kissers, and Joe just awkwardly yells something. (I’ve started to tune out every time Joe is talking because he hurts my head.) Janelle sends Joe up to the Head of household room with plans of being a nice guy and making a deal with Shane. Shane tells Joe that he should have stayed with him two weeks ago and maybe he wouldn’t be in this spot. Joe quickly gets frustrated, his face starts getting red and he starts yelling. After the meeting Joe has a diary room interview where he yells at the camera, “Ahhh I’m Joe Blah, Blah,Blah” (Ok, he didn’t say that. He said “I’m going to win this power of veto and mark my words, son I’m coming after you!”)

The players playing for this week’s power of veto are Shane, Ashley, Joe, Frank, Danielle, and Wil. Wil, Danielle, Joe and Ashley can’t win anything so it’s pretty much between Frank and Shane. Shane also picks Jenn “City” to host.

The backyard is turned into a circus for the veto competition, with all the players wearing low budget clown costumes. Each contestant must roll two balls each on a different ramp at the same time, when one of the players balls hits the ground they are eliminated. The last contestant with both their balls in play wins.

Britney tells Shane before the competition that he “can’t get nervous and thrust it. It has to be, like, very graceful.” Not only is that great advice but if I was one of the other coaches I’d be telling my players the same thing.

You can see right off the bat that Shane is the most in control, actually holding onto one ball till the other ball hits the top of the opposite ramp. Most of the other contestants are doing a ond hand jerky motion to keep their balls going. Ashley uses a technique she calls the “gentle push.” She describes it as “using one hand by gently pushing the ball.” Wil and Joe are the first two too get knocked out of the competition. Frank gets knocked out when he panics and pushes so hard that the ball goes flying over the side rail. Danielle and Ashley quickly get knocked out, meaning Shane is the winner. This is the third straight veto that Shane has one. He might just be a contender.

Britney and Shane celebrate the veto win in the HoH room. Brit does a couple little dances and then quickly starts bashing Janelle’s team about how they are downstairs pouting and stomping around after losing. She even says that all Janelle’s team does is “make up songs, braid hair and cook.” She goes on to do an impersonation of Joe that I have to say was pretty spot on. (Britney is on like a role of bashing people this season. She has had some epic one liner’s.)

Janelle hurriedly goes to talk to Shane and Britney about what their plans are going to be with the veto. Wil joins the conversation and then right after that Ashley opens the door and asks probably the dumbest question I’ve ever heard on BB before, “Are you guys talking?” Really Ashley?

The conversation goes from game play into the idea of trust. To prove that Shane and Britney can trust her Janelle offers them her wedding ring to keep for three weeks saying “if you go home before the three weeks you can have my ring.” She even says that she has Chanel earrings she be willing to give them.

Joe goes up to see Shane again to make a final plea. He compares himself to someone who is hanging off a cliff and how if Shane were to save him from this cliff he would be forever in his debt. Shane is hesitant to believe Joe because Joe betrayed him the second week in the house and Joe is annoying. (That has to be one of the reasons that nobody trusts him right?)

It’s time for the sushi party that Dan won during the coach’s challenge on the last episode. He comes out announcing the party looking like the Karate Kid. The backyard is set up like a top class sushi restaurant, with a bar, couches and a whole lot of raw fish. Everybody outside is enjoying themselves especially Mike Boogie who has been craving sushi for awhile now.

Meanwhile inside the house Wil and the houseguest who weren’t invited to the sushi party celebrate his birthday by dressing up and running around in their underwear. (I think Wil was the only one in his underwear. Why was Wil in his underwear?) The people inside are having so much fun that it leads the outsiders to want to come back in and join the rager going on inside.

With all the house guests inside and the wine flowing, Wil decides to start up a game of spin the bottle. Remember when you were a kid and you played spin the bottle. There was always the one kid who like another kid so you always tried to get it to land on them so that they could be forced to kiss. Welt hats what happened here, not one, but twice. First Ian spun the bottle and Dan grabbed it and pointed it at Ashley which led to one of the most awkward kisses I think I have ever seen on TV. Ian goes in for a big romantic smooch grabbing Ashley’s head only to have her squirm and twist her face giving him the tiniest of pecks. Then it was Shane and Danielle’s turn to be forced to kiss in front of all the other houseguests. At least their kiss wasn’t as awkward although it did send Danielle on the edge of sanity exclaiming that she didn’t know what was going on.

Britney gets all worried about Boogie’s team after asking Ian that if he won HoH if he would put Shane up on the block. Ian’s response was a little wishy washy and that sent a whole wave of distrust through the HoH room. Shane sees this as an opportunity to put up Frank and backdoor him and use Ian’s reluctance to confirm Shane’s safety as the reason why.

At the veto ceremony Shane decided to take Ashley off the block and putting Frank up. The whole scene ends with Boogie storming off and Janelle sitting in the living room all smiles.

Thursday night we, not only, find out who goes home but we also get to hear if the coaches will enter the game and play for the $500000 grand prize. With everything that has passed Frank is not feeling very comfortable but will have to wait to see if he can get the votes to stay in the Big Brother house.

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