Sunday, August 12, 2012

Big Brother Update (Aug. 10 – 11) (Spoilers)

Chill Town is in Town

At the end of the last live eviction episode Frank had taken control of the house by winning head of household. Frank has an alliance of six (Silent Six) and his former coach to placate with his decisions this week. Who does Frank nominate and who wins the Veto all coming up.

Aug. 10

·        Joe throws Wil under the bus in a discussion with Frank.
·        Frank tells Joe that he will likely be a nominee but that he is not the target. (Why can’t Joe just be the target already?)
·        Boogie talks Frank out of nominating Dan.
·        Wil refuses to make a one week safety deal with Frank and Boogie which puts him in Chill Town’s crosshairs.
·        We have the season’s first Have-Not competition.
·        Joe, Shane, Britney and Dan are the Have-Nots.
·        The punishment food is cod and candy canes.
·        Frank tells Ian, Britney and Danielle that Wil should be their target this week. (Why does everyone think Wil is good at this game?)
·        Frank nominates Joe and Wil.
·        Chill Town wants Wil to go home.

Aug. 11

·        Britney and Shane want Joe to stay so they can use him when they go after Frank and Boogie.
·        Frank, Joe, Wil, Shane, Ashley and Jenn will play in the Veto competition. (Jenn plays in almost every competition.
·        Britney tells Danielle that she thinks she heard one of the other have-nots pleasuring themselves last night in the room.
·        ZINGBOT!
·        Frank wins the Power of Veto.
·        Danielle is upset with what Zingbot said about her “Danielle, Shane has a special gift for you after the show. A restraining order! Zing!” (She takes it very poorly and pouts the rest of the day.)
·        Wil tells Jenn he thinks he is the new target. (Wil is finally catching on to how this game is played.)
·        Jenn tells Ashley that the girls should align and take out the guys.

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