Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Big Brother Update (Aug. 6 – 7) (Spoilers)

Danielle (Tentatively) in Charge!

With Danielle in control (somewhat) of the house, people start to wonder whether Frank should really be the target and whether there are some other powers in the game that should be eliminated first. The house now has a new target for eviction this week (at least it looks like they do) and it’s not Frank.

Aug. 6

·         Boogie’s plan to get Danielle to put Janelle on the block at the Veto ceremony is a form of revenge for the move Janelle made to send Dr. Will home during Big Brother All Stars.
·         Danielle tells Wil she is taking him off the block and replacing him with Janelle. Wil tells her he will not vote to evict Frank this week.
·         At the Veto ceremony Danielle did what she said she would do by taking Wil of the block and putting up Janelle in his place.
·         Janelle goes to talk to Danielle. Janelle keeps calm while Danielle cries and apologizes to Janelle. She also says on numerous occasions that she going to be sick.
·         Dan tells Danielle she did a good job at the Veto ceremony.
·         Britney and Dan lie to Janelle, telling her that they had no idea what Danielle was doing. Dan even tells her that it was probably because she didn’t work out with Danielle the night before.
·         Joe thinks Wil sold out Janelle.
·         Joe and Ashley discuss a possible alliance between the two of them and Ian. Joe even says “powerhouse” at one point.
·         Everyone is starting to get annoyed by how much of the food Joe is cooking.
·         Danielle lies to Frank and Britney about a talk she had with Janelle making it seem like they had a fight when really the conversation wasn’t aggressive at all.

Aug. 7

·         Ashley, Britney and Wil debate whether they should tell Janelle that they are voting her out or not tell her.
·         Britney tells Danielle she doesn’t trust Wil.
·         Shane tells Janelle that he will be voting with the “house”. In other words he’ll do what Danielle tells him to do.
·         Dan also tells Janelle he will be voting with the “house”
·         Janelle believes that Wil is the reason she is nominated.
·         Danielle tells Shane that Janelle has to go this week.
·         The houseguests have a poker tournament.
·         Shane tells Danielle that they should distances themselves in order to keep the target off their back. Danielle doesn’t like that idea too much and actually gets angry.

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