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Big Brother Recap: Episode 20

Double Eviction Hangover

I’ve never had a double eviction hangover (DEH) but I imagine it’s pretty jarring. You wake up with a headache, nauseous, and have an awkward feeling of shame but you’re just not sure why.  I’m guessing that’s how Ian felt after planning, and pulling off, the eviction of his former coach and then ousting one of his closest friends and “flirt-mance”, Ashley, from the show. However he really feels about everything he’s done if he is evil as he says he is then he has to put that aside and make some more of those cutthroat moves in order to win this game. How will he react to what he’s just done and who else in the house has a DEH that could affect their games?

This episode starts off with some clips from the infamous double eviction night.

After Mike Boogie’s eviction we get to hear some great diary room quotes from people. Dan explains why Mike was evicted “He was too close to Frank and that’s why he had to go.” Then we heard from Frank “It’s not going to be easy for me without Mike here.” And even the man who masterminded the whole thing, Ian, “My heart ached for Boogie, all day, knowing I was going to have to vote him out tonight.”

We are then shown what happened when they were waiting for the HoH competition after Boogie had left. Frank let Ian know what he thought about his actions, “No backbone. He gave you $3,000, he saved you the first week and you can’t even give him a vote.” He kept going after Ian too, “At least give him a vote, give him your respect, give him your loyalty.” All Ian can do in the face of the giant with the curly hair is put his head down and apologize profusely.

Then we are fast forwarded to after the double eviction HoH competition. Ian lets the diary room in on the fact that he was trying to throw the competition saying “The Quack Pack is going to want me to go after Frank, but I don’t want to be the one to do it.” (Oh, how very evil of you Ian.) We are then treated to everyone quickly trying to get a couple seconds with Ian before he nominated two people. After one person would leave the arcade room Ian would follow them out just to be grabbed by someone else and dragged back into the arcade room. (Why didn’t he just stay in the arcade room until he was called back by Julie? This kid is jumpy.)

The first person to meet with Ian is Dan; Dan just wants to reassure Ian that they have his back and that he needs to relax. Ian just tries to get out of there as fast as possible.  As soon as they leave Frank grabs Ian and pushes him in to the arcade room, “Get in There”. It’s hilarious to see Frank manhandle Ian. Frank asks if he’s going up and Ian counters with “Are you gonna **** me, after that vote?” Frank says no he will not, Frank then throws out the “I still have your back if you have my back” line and tries to get Joe nominated (“at least”).  Ian tries to make a second exit only to be stopped by Britney and Shane. When Britney walks in she takes over and whisper-yells “You got to do this, man!” She tells him it has to be Frank and Ashley going up. When he leaves this time he is upset with Britney because she is telling him that he has to put up Frank and Ashley. (Yeah, it’s not like you could do anything else, right Ian?) Ian storms out of the arcade room this time to be stopped by the lovely and empty headed Ashley. She asks to talk to him but when they get in the room she says “Congratulations. I don’t really have anything to say.” Ian is so caught up in what is going on he is rude to her and kind of just forces his way back out of the arcade room without letting her ask or say anything else. That’s how you get the ladies Ian. On the fourth exit of the arcade room Ian is asked for a meeting by Joe, he obliges but has gotten increasingly rude as these two minutes have passed. “What do you want? Now!” Ian is getting angrier and angrier “You gonna ******* screw me over?” Joe says no and gives Ian his word that he’s safe for a week (which week?).  

They replay Ian nominating Ashley and Frank and we get a diary room interview from Dan being pumped about Ian’s play “Now it’s apparent what teams he’s on and where he’s going in this game.”

Frank again let’s Ian and everyone in the house know how he feels about the Big Brother expert “You’re a puppet yo!”

After the veto competition and ceremony recap we see Frank try to campaign for Ashley to get Joe out but it doesn’t work even after Frank drops the “You float like a ******* bob on a fishing pole” line. (What a classic line.)

Ashley is sent home and Frank is not happy and lets everyone know, “I’m not gonna lie to you Ian, you’re a terrible person.” Wow, that’s a little harsh. He kind of just yelled in everyone’s general vicinity for a while after that. He targeted Ian and Dan mostly, though, telling Dan he should be ashamed of what he made Ian do. Ian doesn’t take be yelled at very well and kind of just paces around the house while Britney begs Frank to leave Ian alone because Ian can’t emotionally handle it.

We are now back at stuff we haven’t seen that occurred after Sunday’s live episode. Ian is in the bathroom having a pity party saying stuff like “I’m a shitty person” and “I’m going to burn in hell.” Dan tries to calm him down by telling he’s not a bad person and even soliciting his sister “I’d hook you up with my sister, that’s how much I think of you. And I don’t tell anyone that.” Dan even goes so far as to tell Ian that he is a renegade (a secret alliance Dan had in another season) and that seems to cheer him up.

Before the HoH competition Frank tries to get Britney, Shane and Danielle on his side by telling them he is going after Dan next. Danielle doesn’t take the hypothetical talk very well and starts crying and tells Frank that she can’t go against Dan and Frank understands. They hug and go their separate ways.

Britney and Shane decide to make the deal with Frank to save them next week even if they still consider Quack Pack their main alliance and plan on stabbing him in the back.

HoH time! The competition is one that takes patience and dexterity. (Sorry Joe, better luck next time.) Using two ropes, connected through a pulley to a plank of wood, they will lift a ball and try to dodge certain holes in order to land in a specific hole. The first round is the ranking round; each player will get a turn to score points. The players with the highest one round score will be ranked number one in the next round. The player who scored the second highest will be number two and so on. In the second round competitors will face off head to head to try and lift there ball to the hole marked with the arrow on the game board. First one to get their ball in the top hole wins the match. The player ranked number seven will play against number six. The winner stays and plays the next highest ranked player until the number one ranked player wins or is beaten.

Here are some quick notes:

·         Rankings after the first round #7: Dan, #6: Frank, #5: Jenn, #4: Britney, #3: Danielle, #2: Joe, #1: Shane
·         Frank beats Dan.
·         Frank beats Jenn.
·         Frank beats Britney.
·         Frank beats Danielle.
·         Frank beats Joe.
·         Frank beats Shane.
·         Frank wins HoH!
·         Frank gets to pick one Have-Not for the week, he picks Dan. (Dan’s first time ever being a Have-Not)

Not very long after the HoH competition, Frank and Britney meet up in the HoH room and he tells her that he will nominate Dan and Danielle this week. His honesty is met with what I presume to be a lie from Britney when she agrees to work with Frank until the final four or that she won’t put him up for eviction for “a long while.”

Later on Frank goes into his HoH room to see the big golden question mark that only means one thing, Pandora’s box! This season it seems that Frank can choose to enter or not enter a room full of small boxes that have a combined $10,000 in them. If he chooses to enter the room though something will be unleashed on the house, which could be good or bad for him.  He’s goes into the room to find out that he can only open three boxes but gets to keep all the money he wins. He also finds out that he will be locked in the room for an hour. (The boxes he chose had $1.05, $7.11 and $3,333.33)

With Frank locked in the room the other house guests are let in on the secret that there is another Veto power this week and they will all get a chance to use the claw game in the arcade room to retrieve the Golden Ball of Veto. But in order to play the claw game they will need to find quarters. The houseguests start running around the yard trying to find quarters with no luck. All of a sudden balls start to fly into the backyard from over the wall. The players all realize that only some of the balls have quarters in them and it starts to bring out the worst in some of the players. Dan lies to the other players about getting the ball so they will stop searching, he’s hoarding all of the balls with the coins in them and he slams the door on people’s faces when trying to use the claw game. Brit is willing to rip people’s arms off for the veto and Ian is scheming in order for someone else to get the Veto ball in the right place for him. His strategy works and Ian wins the mysterious Golden Ball of Veto. (When he wins he yells something and then throws up double middle fingers. Who is this guy?)

When Frank is finally let out of Pandora’s box he realizes what happened and starts planning on ways to deter Ian from using the power. Britney comes up with the idea to threaten Ian with her being nominated if he uses it to take Dan off the block. And since Ian is the easily threatened person that he is caves into the demands and tells Frank that he won’t use the Veto on Dan.

At the nomination ceremony Frank goes through with what he has been planning all a long and he nominates Dan and Danielle for eviction. He dedicates his nominations to Mike and Ashley and then explains them by saying, “As far as you Dan, you tried to get me out for a few weeks now, I passed up on two opportunities, I can’t pass up on a third. Danielle I’m sorry, you’re just a victim of circumstance.”

With Dan and Danielle nominated, Ian holding a power of Veto and another possible Power of Veto up for play the Quack Pack still has a chance to save both of them but it’s not looking promising. As for Frank, he will be alone after this week and next week will not be able to play in the HoH competition (as outgoing HoH) and has to make a big move right now in order to save his butt. We will have to wait until Wednesday to find out who wins the other Power of Veto and if they choose to use it or not.

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