Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Big Brother Update (Aug. 26 – 28) (Spoilers)

The Packs Last Quack

Last week the Quack Pack seemed to have everything under control until Frank decided to nominate Dan alongside one of his allies, Danielle. Dan decides that he will not go down without a fight, which coincidentally starts a couple of other fights between house guests. Frank sees a chance to change the game up and now that he’s aligned with Jenn (Veto holder) and has scared Ian into not using his Veto he can pretty much do whatever he wants the next couple of days, but what will he do?

Aug. 26

·         Frank takes a chum bath. (It’s his punishment from the last Veto competition.)
·         Franks wants to be in the final three with Shane and Joe. He thinks he has the best chance against Shane in the final two.
·         Ian and Jenn agree not to use the Veto’s.
·         The 24 hour punishments are over. Dan is let out of isolation and Britney and Danielle freed of their chain.
·         Dan pretends to be sick and set in motion his master plan.
·         Joe tells everyone that Dan must have thrown up in the Have-Not room because it smelled like puke.
·         Dan gets all the house guests together and has a “funeral” for himself. He talks about how he wants to have fun for the rest of his time in the house and he says some nice things about each house guest. The only house guest he doesn’t have something nice to say about is Danielle, who he completely blindsides with “In this game, you’re dead to me. You know what you did.”
·         Immediately after the meeting Dan goes to the HoH room with Frank and tells him all about the Quack Pack and how Ian played a big role in voting Boogie out. He also tells Frank that he is mad at Danielle because she didn’t throw the Veto comp in order for Dan to win.
·         Danielle freaks out because she doesn’t know why Dan is mad at her. Dan brings her into the lounge and tells her it was all a ploy and that he thinks he just saved both of them in this game.
·         Frank and Jenn decide that she will use the Veto on Dan and Frank will replace him with Britney.
·         Britney is suspicious and thinks Dan may have turned the game in his favor and Jenn might use the Veto so that she will be nominated and then evicted. (She doesn’t know how right on she is.)

Aug. 27

·         Ian did not use the special Power of Veto.
·         Jenn used her Power of Veto to take Dan off the chopping block. Frank replaced him with Britney.
·         Ian and Frank have a screaming match in the HoH room. Multiple F-bombs are exchanged and the other house guests are shocked at Ian.
·         Later on when Frank walks by a couch that Ian is laying on, Ian loses again. Screaming at him and telling the other house guests they are idiots if they take Frank to the final two. Frank cracks a Joke about being dressed as a carrot.
·         Ian and Frank poke fun at the exchange they had earlier. Ian is pretty tipsy since he has been drinking since the Veto ceremony ended.
·         Ian is voting to keep Britney and Shane, Dan and Jenn are all voting to keep Danielle at this point. Joe hasn’t decided which side he will float with yet, he has to make sure he’s voting with the majority.

Aug. 28

·         Joe and Frank plan a final two alliance and Frank tells Joe he has to win HoH this week because Frank cannot compete. Joe wants to win HoH so he can get a spice rack. (I’m glad to see you got our priorities straight Joe.)
·         Britney reminds Dan of the pact he made to the Quack Pack telling him that he swore on his wedding ring. He doesn’t remember that.
·         Britney and Danielle have a little bit of an argument. Britney really doesn’t like how Danielle is playing the game and Danielle makes up a story about how she won the season of Big Brother that was filmed in her neighbor’s house back home. (She didn’t actually say that, but Danielle is so boring and she lies about everything anyways I thought I would make her lie a little better.)
·         Ian tells Britney that Shane and Joe are not voting for her to stay. She starts crying but thanks Ian because she would rather know then not know.
·         Britney and Ian start drinking. Ian is drinking beer and Britney is drinking all the wine.
·         Ian, filled with liquid courage, tells Frank that he has a terrible social game. Frank does not take it very well and gets visibly upset.

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