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Big Brother Recap: Episode 16

Who’s Going Home?

Julie Chen opens the show with a revelation that scared me, Big Brother is half way done. It scared me for two reasons, one being when Big Brother is over that means the summer is over and I have to go back to work. The second reason it scared me was because that would mean we would have to wait for another whole year to pass for some more Big Brother. Since we only have so many episodes left let’s take advantage of the present and look at what happened in the past.

After the narrator reminds us all what’s happened in the house, Julie takes her turn to let us know what has been happening. Then tells us that by not making a move Frank has some sort of move and that it might have changed the game. (Oh Julie, her ominous warnings of future discord in the house always get me.)

The first diary room interview of the episode goes to Dan, he says that he is relieved but realizes that he is still one of two past winners in the house which at any time can make the target on his back extremely noticeable.

After the veto ceremony (Frank left Wil and Joe on the block) Wil is upset that Frank didn’t make a big move when he had the chance but he knows that “Joe sometimes digs his own grave. Maybe he’ll do all the work for me.”

Britney, Shane and Danielle talk about how the idea of putting Dan on the block should have never been discussed and that for the simple fact that is was discussed they cannot trust Frank anymore. Is it just me or does Britney like to ride a very high horse sometimes? Wasn’t she one of the people that told Frank he was safe the week of the reset? The fact that Frank thought about the idea means he’s a good player, he’s downfall was telling Ian.

Dan comes into the bathroom where Brit and Danielle are talking with a smile on his face after not being nominated. Brit tells him that he was “real close” and asks if he plans on winning HoH this week. Dan’s reply is “it’s not in the foreseeable future.” He will not win a HoH because he does not want any blood on his hands. He won’t win an individual competition because he wants to look weak, he might have the best strategy and if he keeps Mike Boogie, and Britney in the game until the final five or six he will be able to keep the target on the other “coaches” in order to fly under the radar.

We get a classic diary room scream quote from Joe after he asks Ashley if he has her vote and her reply is maybe. Joe says “I went looking for a yes, got a maybe and a maybe mean NO WAY BABY! So I got to get my buttocks to work.”

Dan and Frank have a talk in the HoH room. Dan brings up the fact that he knows Frank had a chance to backdoor him and he appreciates that he didn’t. Dan doesn’t know for sure Frank was thinking about backdooring him but is putting it out there so Frank thinks it’s ok to tell him if he did. What does Frank do? He says “I won’t say it didn’t cross my mind, I’m honest.” Frank thinks his honesty will be refreshing to Dan and that Dan will let everything go. In real life, though, Dan says in a diary room interview “If you’re going to entertain the thought to backdoor me right now, you’re definitely going to do it at a later part of this game. If I get the opportunity to shank Frank in the game, I’m going to do it.” Things are not looking too good for Frank.

While Ian, Dan and Frank are sitting in the kitchen talking pepper, Ashley walks through and asks Frank if he wants to have an “ice cream dater” later. Frank agrees with no hesitation, Dan and Ian on the other hand are both shocked. Ian’s reaction is “asking other men on dates, really?” Ashley gives three reasons why she asked Frank out, “I definitely want ice cream but I also wanted to see if I could get some information about Wil, maybe seeing where the house was going.” And her third reason being “I kind of wanted to go on a date with Frank.”

(Side Note: I saw “Poor Ian” trending on twitter last night and as someone who has been in the position that Ian was in I have no sympathy what so ever. He never made a move after the awkward spin the bottle kiss or the “slop date” and both of those were set up by other people. It was on Ian to make a move because he and Ashley had way different ideas of what was happening. Ashley told Frank that Ian wasn’t actually jealous about the date he was actually faking, and Ian told Britney that he thought they were “exclusive.” Ian can still try and make a move but it will now be a little harder with Frank in the way.) 

Dan says that he respects that Ashley is making a move putting Ian on the spot saying “You’re not waiting around for a guy to come to you. You know? He hasn’t asked you out since the slop date.” Way to put a brother on the spot Dan. Ian’s only reply is that of a made up plan that he had to maybe possibly do in the future. “I was going to cook dinner for her.” Oh yeah were you going to eat the dinner alone and say you forgot to ask her? Man up Ian.

What was supposed to be an “ice cream date” turns into “there’s no ice cream let’s have some wine date.” Those dates are always fun. Ashley starts talking game during the date and Frank changes the tropic by suggesting that they make out on the couch for bit. Ashley not sure how to reply saw yes and seems extra excited to be making out with someone finally.

Out in the backyard Britney lets Ian down gently, “Well, you’re dumped.” Then she asks him how he feel about this and I think we see the first real signs that Ian might be a serial killer when he says “She shouldn’t be going out on dates with f***ing Frank.”

 We get to see more making out and we get another Ashley sound bite for the ages, “Frank is very Channing Tatum-esque because he has a great body, just like Channing. He’s very manly and has nice lips and a very soft tongue.”

We get two interviews today since it is and eviction night but instead of the families of both the nominees we are introduced to Joes family and we get an interview with one of Big Brother past competitors Jeff. Here are some quick bits of those interviews.

The Arvin Family

·         Sarah (wife), Alexa (daughter), Levi (son), Megan and Morgan (twin daughters)
·         Sarah’s mom made a dating profile for Sarah. The mother talked to Joe first and then set him up with Sarah.
·         His friends and family hate Boogie.
·         “Dad, turn down the volume!”  - Kids


·         “I’ll go back in there now if you guys want.” – Jeff
·         Julie psyches him out about going back in the game. (LOL)
·         Jeff and Jordan leave together in California.
·         Janelle getting evicted in his opinion is the biggest surprise.
·         He rooting for Ian.
·         Get’s to ask Julie a question, “What kind of player would you be in the house?” (Julie’s answer is the best and proves why she is the host of Big Brother)

Before the eviction Julie talks to the house and gives them a little current events quiz since they have been away for the media for so long. The questions range for tabloid gossip to sports talk but the one thing I took away from this whole thing is I’m pretty sure Danielle is yelling “Anerston” when the house is asked if Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Lopez is getting married. I have no problem with someone not know who Jennifer Anniston is; it’s the fact that she’s yelling just to be yelling that bothers me. If you don’t know then you don’t know.

Julie then gives both Wil and Joe a chance to plead their case to the house guets. Wil does a monologue from a Broadway musical. I don’t know very many Broadway musicals I’m sure that’s what he did. Not to be out done Joe gets up and starts spewing what I think is a joke (it’s not funny) about how he is loud and how Wil is Sharon Osborne. I think they planned the whole thing out to, this is just weird. Julie cuts in to save us all from another 30 minutes of Joe’s speech, by telling him he is loud and long winded.

The evictions goes pretty much as the Silent six (Quack Pack?) wanted with a six to two vote that send Wil going home. He hugs everyone, puts on his sailor hat and walks out the door. He has a quick interview with Julie, the only note worthy part being when we saw Mike Boogie’s farewell message to Wil. It was very sincere and looked like one of the most honest moments Boogie has ever had on this show.

The HoH competition is called swamped, and it is a water transfer game. The contestants have to use a small cup to transfer water from a barrel to their jugs on the other side of the floor. There are three possible jugs that you can fill meaning there are three possible prizes in this game (HoH, 10K, and Safety for the week). The first one to fill the jug and remove the cork wins the corresponding prize. As soon as a prize is won, no one else can win it and when the HoH is won the competition is over and no other prize can be won. The only thing that is really making this a difficult challenge is that they will be running on a surface cover with a slippery liquid and will be wearing what look like slippery foot ware.

The episode ends in the middle of the HoH competition and from what I can tell it looks like Joe and Ashley are going for safety and Danielle and Shane are going for HoH. (It’s hard to tell what everyone is going for with the camera angles.)

 Julie leaves us with a little interesting tidbit; next Thursday’s eviction episode will be a double eviction special. Does that mean the end of the Silent Six? Is now the time to make a big move? We will just have wait and see who is nominated on Sunday and then if the Power of Veto is won on Wednesday. 

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