Sunday, August 26, 2012

Big Brother Update (Aug. 23 - 25)

Who’s HoH, Who Did They Nominate and Who Got Veto?  

The double eviction night worked in favor of the Quack Pack, they eliminated Boogie and got one of the “floaters” out of the house. (I still don’t understand why Ian nominated Ashley over Jenn or Joe.) Can they continue their run of dominance or will Frank the Tank be able to win his way to safety?

Aug. 23

·         Frank won HoH.
·         Frank is targeting Dan and tells Joe, he’s safe.
·         Dan is a Have-Not.

Aug. 24

·         Frank tells Jenn she is not his target.
·         The houseguests get a smaller dining room table.
·         The America’s Choice food is mozzarella and matzo.
·         Frank tells Britney that he trusts her and Shane. He also tells Ian he trusts him. (Frank, I know you need people in your alliance but Shane has nominated you twice and Ian just tried to eliminate you ending up eliminating your closest ally. Not to mention that it was all under the watchful eye of Britney. Come on!)
·         Pandora’s Box is back.
·         Frank is locked in the HoH room while the other houseguests each get a chance to find hidden quarters all over the house, to use in the arcade machine to try and get a golden ball out of it.
·         Frank gets to choose from some envelopes to see his prize. He ends up winning $3,000.
·         Ian wins Pandora’s Box and earns a special Veto Power. Ian cannot play in the Veto competition and can still be nominated but he has a golden ball.
·         Frank tells Britney that if Ian uses his Veto power that Frank will nominate her as a replacement.
·         Dan tries to convince Frank not to nominate him but Frank is not falling for it.
·         Frank nominates Dan and Danielle.
·         Ian and Britney discuss how the production people in the diary room are trying to persuade him not to use his Veto power.

Aug. 25

·         Frank thinks that Ian was tricked into backstabbing Boogie and himself. Ian tells Frank that he freak out and made his decision last second (and not a week ago).
·         Britney tells Danielle that Dan is clearly working for himself. (Duh!)
·         Frank begins to confide in Britney now that Mike is gone. (?)
·         The Veto players are Frank, Danielle, Dan, Jenn (WOW), Shane, and Britney.
·         Ian is pissed off because everyone is trying to use him and they are threatening him with jury votes.
·         Jenn won the Power of Veto. She also had to burn her clothes and is now on slop for the rest of the game.
·         Dan is in a solitary dance party for 24 hours. (He gets a small bottle of champagne and a cake. There’s techno music, turn tables and strobe lights too.)
·         Frank has to wear a carrot suit and take a chum bath. He was also disqualified from the Veto competition and will not be able to play in the next two HoH competitions. (I’m not sure if the DQ has anything to do with the HoH punishments.)
·         Britney and Danielle are chained to each other for 24 hours.
·         Production wants Britney and Danielle to shower together.

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