Thursday, August 9, 2012

Big Brother Recap Episode 12

The Week of Alliances

 We know two things for sure about Danielle coming into this episode, 1) she doesn’t trust other women very much and 2) she wants Frank out of the house this week. She goes as far as to use the “pawn” word when talking about Wil’s nomination and states “Frank is my real target.”

Wil goes up to the HoH room to talk to Danielle about the nominations. Danielle instantly starts crying saying things like “I’m so sorry”, “I want Frank gone. And I know you can win it. And that you’re the only other person I trust.” She even goes as far as to say “If you hate me I understand.” I think she might be losing her mind with all the “power” she thinks she has.

Not to be outdone by Danielle’s dramatics Wil decides to take it up a notch saying about being nominated, “It’s is actually a big relief.” Because as Wil puts it “I don’t think I’m cut out for this game at all.” These two are just sitting in a pool of their own pity, it’s pretty sad.

Dan tries to smooth things over with Boogie. He tries to figure out where Mike’ head is at this point. Boogie is pissed and tells Dan “When you asked me if Danielle was good, and you. You guys were good. And when we asked, you said the same thing and then the actions were different.” Dan stutters his way through trying to explain what happened and instead goes directly to apologizing. He then tries to figure out if Mike Boogie would play with the coaches. But Boogie is not having it, he has lost all trust in the other coaches.

Ian goes to see Danielle and Britney in the HoH room to see if he can make a deal. Ian doesn’t feel like his former coach has his back and wants to jump ship and join Britney, Danielle, Dan and Shane’s alliance. (That alliance will be from here on out be known as DDBS.) Britney makes sure that he would be willing to vote out Boogie if he had too. He says “It seems inevitable that I’m probably going to have to vote against him at some point.”

The players playing for the power of veto this week are Danielle, Wil, Frank, Jenn, Ian and Shane. Danielle also chooses Dan to host this week’s competition.

Britney sees Janelle whispering with Frank and becomes instantly paranoid saying, “It’s these kind of shady moves that you’re like, are you serious right now?” So Janelle can’t talk to Frank? Danielle goes even further saying things likes “She’s really making me mad. Like, I can feel my blood pressure rising, and that takes a lot” and simple pointing out “She infuriates me.” Danielle really doesn’t like Janelle and I don’t remember Janelle doing anything to Danielle.

The veto competition is called “Field of Veto” and it’s a giant modified baseball version of Skee Ball. The players have to roll their ball up a ramp launching the ball in the air and hopefully landing it in one of the designated squares. Each square has a number value and at the end of each round the player with their ball in the lowest numbered square is out. When the players are eliminated they choose a prize that they can keep or trade with someone who has gone out before them. The last person in the game has the choice to trade for any prize and there for has the best chance at winning the veto.

Shane has the lowest score in the first round and ends up picking the veto as his prize. The next house guest out of the competition is Wil, and his prize is a Veto ticket. The veto ticket gives the holder an automatic place in next week’s veto competition. Wil trade’s his veto ticket to Shane and gets the golden power of veto. Jenn “city” is the next player out of the veto competition and she picks a vacation to Maui as her consolation prize and decides to keep it. Ian gets knocked out of the competition and his prize is a “dog’s life.” The prize means that Ian will have to wear a dog costume, sleep in a dog house, eat and drink from dog bowls for 24 hours. He also won’t be able to leave the dog house unless someone has him by the leash or go on furniture at all. Ian is so pumped about this prize that he keeps it and doesn’t trade it for Jenns Maui vacation.

Frank and Danielle are the last two left in the veto competition. In the last round Danielle wins by scoring a ten to beat Frank’s score of eight. Frank’s prize is five thousand dollars but ends up trading it to Wil for the power of veto. Which means that Danielle has last pick of the prizes and she chooses a “spiritard” (a cheerleader type lycra full body suit) that she immediately trades with Frank for the golden power of veto, leaving Frank to have to wear the one piece skin tight cheerleader outfit for a week.

The two punishments get unleashed on the house. First you have Frank running around jumping on people in a skin tight one piece body suit. Then you have Ian who gets to be the house dog for 24 hours. Is it just me or does Ian like this way too much? The shot of Joe taking Ian to the bathroom has to be the funniest this season.

Jenn walk’s Ian up to the HoH room so he can talk to DDBS in order to solidify his alliance. After telling them he will do anything that they tell him to do, he suggests they come up with a name. Ian thinks quack pack is the best name and they can even mimic a ducks mouth quacking with their hand. DDBS seem onboard with the whole “quack pack”, idea even doing a hands-in cheer.

Boogie decides it’s time to go to work. First he brings the idea to backdoor Janelle to Danielle. He realizes quickly that Dan is really the backbone of their alliance and brings the same plan to him. Dan and Danielle both seem to think it’s a good idea to get Janelle out. Danielle’s only reason being that she doesn’t like her but agrees nonetheless.

While Dan and Boogie are discussing this plan Janelle and Britney join them in the HoH room to try and get a coaches alliance going. Boogie says it’s tough to work together when he wants’ Wil out and Janelle wants Frank out. Janelle says “I don’t care who leaves, I just want to work with you.” Boogie is having a hard time trusting her so he suggests getting rid of Wil this week as a demonstration of trust and she says no “I’m saying get rid of Wil next week.” (Janelle you just ruined your game.) Boogie pretty much ends the conversation when he flat out tells Janelle “I don’t trust you.” He goes on to say he will not agree on any plan that has Frank leaving this week. Britney and Dan are swinging over to Mike’s side after this conversation and the way Janelle wasn’t willing to even compromise a little.

Boogie takes advantage of Janelle’s shadiness to get Dan on his side. Dan is with them 100% even telling Frank “You’re about to roll with two of the best in this game so you better not f*** it up.”

Before the veto competition “quack pack” decided to have a vote on whether or not they were going to backdoor Janelle. Dan, Danielle and Ian all voted to get Janelle out and Shane and Britney didn’t vote. Majority rules and the quack pack are planning on backdooring Janelle.

Boogie and Frank meet with DDBS (Ian isn’t there so it is not the quack pack.) in the HoH room and everything is settled. Danielle will take Wil off the block and replace him with Janelle, then on Thursday Boogie, Ian, Dan, Shane and Britney will vote to evict Janelle. All this scheming has unconsciously created another alliance. Frank comes up with the name “Silent Six” for their alliance because they are all keeping it quiet. Everyone in the room loves it (more so then quack pack it seems) and they all get up and do their new sign for their alliance; finger over their mouth with a shhh sound.

At the veto ceremony everything goes as the silent six planned as Danielle take Wil off the block and replaces him with Janelle. Britney plays it off as if she had no idea that it was going to happen, which brings on one of Britney classic bad acting faces.

Danielle end’s the show by saying in a diary room interview “Janelle, you just got a first class ticket beside your boy Frank on the block. Oh! And by the way, I got the votes secure. Have a great summer.” Wasn’t it just last episode you wanted to see Frank’s little butt exit the house? I don’t get this chick.

The play Danielle and the “silent six” made to backdoor Janelle will change the game for the rest of the summer. How exactly? Well we will just have to wait until Thursday if Janelle actually goes home and who wins the next HoH.

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