Sunday, August 5, 2012

Big Brother Update (Aug. 3 – 4) (Spoilers)

It’s a Whole New Game

Since the coaches decided to enter the game, the whole thing resets. Everyone is competing for the Head of Household, anyone can be a target and alliances are falling apart. Here’s what happened in the Big Brother house in between episodes.

Aug. 2

·         Danielle wins HoH

Aug. 3

·         Boogie and Frank are upset Ian didn’t win HoH
·         Danielle, Britney, Shane and Dan rope Ian into being a part of their new alliance. Ian wants them to bring in Frank and Ashley as well. (Ian you are being given a lifeline, TAKE IT!)
·         Shane and Britney think Wil is spreading the plan to backdoor Frank from last week. (It’s actually Joe.)
·         Dan and Britney don’t want Danielle to nominate Frank at first but to backdoor him after the Veto. Danielle is hesitant.
·         Danielle nominates Frank and Wil, with Boogie being the backup plan.
·         Dan says Ian is a rat and doesn’t want him to be a part of their 5 person alliance.

Aug. 4

·         Boogie tries to smooth things over with Danielle. He also tries to convince her that this week would be the best time to get rid of Janelle.
·         Players in the Veto competition are Danielle, Frank, Wil, Ian, Shane and Jen.
·         The Veto competition was a prize/punishment game.
·         Frank has to wear the “Spiritard”, its a purple unitard with a skirt and pom-poms.
·         Ian has to be a Dog for 24 hours. He has to eat out a bowl and sleep in a big doghouse.
·         Jenn won a trip.
·         Shane won an “auto-play Veto” card.
·         Wil won $5K.
·         Danielle won the Veto.
·         Dan and Britney do not trust Boogie and won’t go along with his plan to evict Janelle.

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