Monday, August 6, 2012

Big Brother Recap: Episode 11

Who’s House? Danielle’s House! Wait... What?

This episode starts off where the last one ended, right in the middle of the Head of Household competition. The contestants must stand on a plank while the wall behind them leans back and forth, they get drenched with extremely cold water, and they randomly get “seagull feces” thrown at them. (I really hope that isn’t real bird crap.)

We get a couple diary room interviews where the newbies complain about the coaches being brought into the game. Ashley even goes so far as to say, “I finally have it all figured out, and then, Julie throws a bomb on my whole game.” Really Ashley, you had it all figured out?

Back in the HoH game Dan and Janelle try and figure out which coach pressed the reset button. Three of the four coaches pressed the button but three out of the four are also lying about who pressed the button. Britney denies hitting the button, as does Janelle (they both did) and even though Dan doesn’t tell anyone that he didn’t hit the button he also doesn’t tell anyone that he did. How is it that Mike Boogie is the only one being honest? Boogie even yells “I hate you Dan!” because he believes Dan is the only coach who hit the button. Mike didn’t want to reset the game because he was under the false pretense that Frank was safe and he thought he could win the game, so in reality the reset was the best thing for Boogie even if he doesn’t see that yet.

Something else that we find out is that after the reset and right before the HoH competition Dan tells Boogie that Frank was going home. Dan claims he told Boogie that because he wants to earn his trust. The attempt at trust building backfires and Boogie trusts Dan less because Dan knew before the eviction ceremony and didn’t tell Mike or Frank.

Boogie decides that the best plan would be to give off a weak persona by losing the HoH competition so he is the first one to jump off and be eliminated. The second person to get eliminated was Jenn “City” when she just couldn’t hold on anymore. Joe went next, and while on the sidelines he tells Boogie that he feels “100 percent” safe.

Ashley fells off and then Dan hits the water. In a diary room interview Dan explains that he is still trying to come off as a weak player because that’s how he won the game the last time that he played it. That interview is followed up by one where Wil says “He’s doing exactly the kind of stuff he did in season 10.” I guess Dan isn’t fooling anyone, or he’s fooling everyone but Wil which would be insane.

Frank is the next one to fall off. As soon as he does Boogie pulls him to the side and tells him that the plan was to send him home before the game was reset.

Danielle promises Wil safety, so Wil makes an “I’ll go it you go” deal with Shane and they both jump off together. Janelle jumps off because she knows she won’t be able to beat Britney.

Ian, Danielle and Britney are the last three people in the competition. Shane is being his normal creepy self promising Danielle another kiss if she wins the competition. At this point in the game after Shane has told the cameras many times he doesn’t have feelings for Danielle do you think he is going to stop playing on the fact that she has a huge crush on him? I don’t think so, dud is a creeper.

Knowing that he won’t last very much longer Ian tries to make a deal with Danielle. He tries to make a “if you fall I won’t put you up.” Hearing that deal Dan knows that he could be the target if anyone else but Danielle get HoH, so he goes into coaching mode. He starts telling Danielle that if they make a deal it should be on her terms because she can easily win this competition. He keeps going, telling her that if she wins she’ll be able to see all of her picture and if she wants to give that up just drop.

At the same time Frank and Boogie are inside talking about how they need Ian to win the Head of Household if they want to be safe. But they never actually go outside and try and encourage Ian. When they do finally make their way back outside it’s too late Danielle has one HoH. Let the celebrating begin. Dan carries off her plank, Shane jumps over to her a kisses her, everyone in her alliance is happy, Boogie and Frank not so much.

After the competition Boogie and Dan discuss when Dan found out that Frank was going home and why he didn’t let Boogie know what was going on. Dan says he didn’t say anything because he knew Boogie would have freaked out.

Shane and Danielle talk about the plans and Danielle brings up the fact that Janelle never cheered for her during the HoH competition she only cheered for Britney. She doesn’t trust Janelle saying that the looks that Janelle’s gives her make her feel uneasy. Could she be trying to get rid of another possible girl to take Shane’s attention from her? (Kara and JoJo are both gone already.)

Britney tries to play it off as if she didn’t know that Frank was about to be evicted but her only problem is she’s the worst actress ever. If I was Boogie I would have called her out on her horrible performance of “Oh I Has No Idea” The one women show. Britney goes directly to Shane and tells him he needs to be a bad actor too. (Actually she tells him to deny everything, but I can’t help it Britney sucks at lying.)

Dan admits to Britney and Danielle that he told Boogie about sending Frank home. The funny thing is Dan just told his alliances secret to the enemy putting his people in possible danger and nobody cars. Both Britney and Danielle forgive him, saying it wasn’t intentional. Danielle even says that she’s going to use her week as HoH to fix all the mistakes.

Danielle’s Head of Household room showing was uneventful; everyone put on their fake smile and went through the motions of congratulating her.

Danielle, Brit, Shane and Danielle discuss the possible nominations ceremony. They list a couple of players that they think are the biggest threats, ending up on Frank being the biggest threat and needing to go home this week. (I love how that has been the case 3 out of 4 weeks so far but he is still in the house.)

Wil brings up the fact that Danielle said she would keep him safe if he quit the HoH competition. She plays it off as if she will go with her promise but Wil does exactly believe her.

Meanwhile in the backyard Ian tries to get some flirting time in with Ashley. The only problem is that Ian tries to do this with Shane working out 10 feet away and Ashley fixated on the bronzer commercial that is Shane.

Before the nomination ceremony Dan and Danielle talk about who she should nominate for eviction. Danielle wants to put up Frank and Wil (as a pawn) but she is super hesitant and wants Dan to tell her what to do. Dan tells her that he can’t make the decision for her.

Danielle ends up nominating Frank and Wil saying “It’s nothing personal, you’re both great people, I love you both. I’m sorry I really hate doing this.” If you are threatened by someone isn’t that personal?

It looks like it’s going to be Frank going home for the third time this season. Will he be able to save himself? We will just have to wait until Wednesday to see what happens with the Power of Veto.

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