Sunday, August 19, 2012

Big Brother Update (Aug. 16 – 18) (Spoilers)

HoH, Nominations, and the Power of Veto

The last episode of Big Brother ended while the contestants were in the middle of the Head of Household. Everything in the game was left open, and the power was up for grabs. Here is what happened after the last episode in the Big Brother house.

Aug. 16

·         Shane wins HoH
·         Britney wins safety for the week.
·         Boogie wins the 10K.
·         There are no Have-Nots this week.

Aug. 17

·         Jenn and Ashley expect to be nominated.
·         Shane was going to play the “gay card” so that no one would see him as a threat. (He swears it would’ve only been an act.)
·         Britney and Shane think Pandora’s box will save Frank this week.
·         Shane nominates Frank and Boogie.
·         Shane tells Frank and Boogie that everyone was in his ear to nominate them.
·         Britney thinks Shane has made a bigger target on her back by not taking responsibility.
·         Shane tells Danielle that production tried to discourage him from nominating Frank and Boogie.
·         Britney tells Frank and Boogie that it was all Shane’s plan.
·         Boogie and Frank are now targeting Dan.
·         Danielle is excluded from a “Silent Six” meeting by Shane.

Aug. 18

·         Jenn and Boogie talk game. (What? Jenn is actually playing the game?)
·         The players for the Veto are Shane, Frank, Boogie, Ian, Ashley and Jenn.
·         Frank wins Veto.
·         Ian thinks Ashley threw the competition so that Frank could win. (Does she really need to start throwing competitions to lose?)
·         Ashley asks if anyone else heard Joe complain about Mike Boogie and Frank cheating in the competition. Ashley also lets Ian have it for spreading the rumour that she threw the Veto competition.

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