Saturday, August 11, 2012

AJ Ranks Vol. 7: Mike Boogie’s Hat Game

The Many Hats of Mike Boogie

This season on Big Brother we all get the treat to watch Mike Boogie play the game for a third time. He entered the house, this time, under the impression that he would be coaching and playing for a 1 in 4 shot at $100,000. Instead four weeks in the coaches got the shocking news that they would be entering the game and playing for the $500,000 grand prize. Even though Mike “One Half of ChillTown” Boogie didn’t come in ready to play the Big brother game, he did come ready with one of the most legendary hat games in Big Brother history. Here I will be ranking my Boogie’s hats so far this season. (We can only hope he has more stashed away.

10. Orange Clemson Visor

Is a visor a real hat? Well, it goes on your head and protects your eyes from the sun so for this blog post this visor will count as a hat. It’s getting the tenth spot because I had to argue with myself over whether it was or hat or not. (I won the argument)

9. Petalocos 707 Trucker Hat

Who still wear’s trucker hats Mike Boogie. Dr Will, Mike’s long time friend, made an appearance on the live show two weeks ago and made a joke about how Mike’s clothes are from the 90’s. Dr Will was not wrong with his criticism, this trucker hat being one of the major pieces of evidence.

 8. The Non Distinct Baseball Cap

I cannot for the life of me figure out what the F on this hat stands for. I had a hunch that it was an older Florida Marlins hat but I’m not convinced. The level that Mike’s hat game is at would not allow for such a fashion faux pas.

7. Red C Town Hat

This obviously represents the Chill Town group that Will and he created when they were on season 2 together. It just doesn’t look that well made. The C is too far over to the left and it looks as if the put too many spaces in between the C and Town on the machine when they made this hat.

6. The U Baseball Cap

Anytime you wear a brand that represents that kind of smash mouth, I don’t take no shit from nobody mentality like the U does your hat game deserves to be talked about.

5.  Coach Hat

I don’t know if he made this or it was given to him by the Big Brother production crew. I haven’t seen Dan with a coach hat, so we can only assume Boogie made this before coming into the house. What a guy?

4. Chill Town Hat

Now this is the kind of hat you get made with the name of your alliance from 12 seasons ago on it. The old English writing, small font, and brown leathery look is what makes this a classic.

3. Upturned Fisherman Hat

This looks like a denim fisherman hat with a colorful plaid design on the inside. Is it just me or does Mike look like Ernest P. Worrel from all those ridiculous Ernest movies.

2. Multicolor Golf Hat

This is one of, I think, three golf hats Mike Boogie has in the house. (The others are just white and black.) He doesn’t wear it as much I would like. If I could find one of these in my local clothing stores I wouldn’t even look at the price, I would just buy it.

1.  Mike’s Cuban Hat

 I doubt these hats are actually called Cuban hats, but that’s what I will now be calling them from now on.  Mike looks like he could be the life of the party in any occasion in that hat. All he needs now is a mustache and a cigar to complete the look.

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