Thursday, August 30, 2012

Big Brother Recap: Episode 21

The Season of the Alliance

The Quack Pack, Silent Six, the coaches, the newbies, Janelle’s team, Boogie’s team, Janelle and Britney, Chill Town, Dan and Danielle, DDBS (Dan, Danielle, Brit, Shane), Joe and everyone. That’s just some of the alliances we’ve had this season and most of them are all but expanded (Joe is still around making deals with everyone) and for that reason we are bound to see a lot more teaming up, breaking up and then teaming up again this season.

Since Frank is HoH and all by himself, last episode he nominated his biggest rival and main target Dan and plans to get him out this week. The only thing that could stop him is how the house votes, so while Dan plans a way to save himself, Frank will be trying to get the votes to make sure Dan goes home.

This episode starts with Dan and Danielle reacting to their nominations in the diary room “Like, how do you try to even campaign against the one person you didn’t want to play this game without?” Dan is a lot less dramatic about it saying “The thing that Frank doesn’t know is I got a trick up my sleeve. I’m hoping I can pull Ian to use the Veto on me and save the day for me, one more time.”

Frank gets his time in the diary room and says “Dan’s been doing a lot of swinging and missing when it comes to trying to get me out of the house this summer. Me, on the other hand, I wanna just take one shot at him and knock it out the park.” One shot Frank? Isn’t this the third time you’ve pushed for Dan to go up, hasn’t he been target all summer?

Before we find out who’s playing in the Veto competition this week, Dan and Danielle are outside strategizing. They discuss the best case scenario - Britney or Shane win the Veto and then Ian and the other Veto holder will use the power to take Dan and Danielle of the block, leading to Frank having to nominate Joe or Jenn next to the fifth member of the Quack Pack and the QP having the votes to control eviction - but they never talk about what they will do if Frank wins or even if one of the floaters wins it. Wouldn’t you plan for the worst case scenario first?

The Veto players this week are as always the HoH and the two nominees, Frank, Dan and Danielle, and then the players selected by random draw, Shane, Britney and Jenn. (Jenn is in another individual competition? She has been in almost everyone and still hasn’t won anything. What a joke.) Frank also picks Ian to host the Veto competition.

During the Veto player selection we see a diary room interview about Dan’s plan in the Veto competition that pretty much sums up how he plays the entire game. He said “The plan is to keep all five quack pack members safe. To do that I have to throw this competition to either Britney or Shane and that’s not happening. The only person I trust in this game is myself. If me winning this Veto means a Quack Pack has to go home, then so be it.” Does this mean Dan is going to actually try in a competition?

The first new alliance of this episode is created when Jenn “City” (what?) goes to Frank  and tells him that he’s not “rolling by himself.”

The veto competition this week is sponsored by Draw Something, the telephone app. If you’ve ever played Draw Something on your phone you know how to play this Veto competition. Viewers from all over sent in their own drawings to Big Brother for this competition. The main objective is to guess what is being drawn on the big screen in front of them. They are given the number of letters in the word and a bunch of letters that could be in the word (just like the phone app). The first contestant to buzz in and give the correct word wins a chance to get the points. In order to get the points though, the contestant must accept a punishment (the picture is a clue of the punishment) to earn the points. The player with the most points after ten pictures is the winner and gets the Golden Power of Veto
Here: are the Quick Veto Notes:

·         Ian looks like even more of a dork in his beret and sweater vest.

·         Ian makes a note (or the editors made sure to put that in after words) that you cannot help the other contestants and if you do you will be disqualified.

·         The first picture is an avocado. Frank buzzes and answers correctly. His punishment is to be dyed green; he accepts (“Perform it, yo!”) and earns two points.

·         Drawing number two is “hunger”, Dan answer first and gets it right. In order to earn five points he needs to eat two of four trays of gross looking food (each tray had something different). Dan ate the Ick Sticks and the Big Brother sushi netting five points.

·         Jenn answers first for the third drawing, it’s a clock. She has 90 seconds to take off her clothes and burn them for four points. She is super excited and suggests that she’d be willing to be butt naked (no thanks Jenn). She easily gets four points.

·         The forth drawing is worth six points and Britney buzzes in first. The drawing is of a shackle and she gets it right and accepts being chained to a house guest of her choice (Danielle) for 24 hours. Brit gets six points.

·         Drawing five is of a shower and Frank answers first. His punishment is to have a chum shower every time a bell goes off for the next 24 hours. He accepts, earning seven points moving his total to nine.

·         Frank gets the next one right too earning three points for wearing a carrot costume for a week. His total is now 12.

·         The seventh drawing is of a bench, it’s worth ten points but you have to sit out the next HoH competition. Frank answers it first and accepts the punishment, meaning he has 22 points in the Veto competition but won’t be playing for HoH in the next two HoH competitions.

·         The eighth rounds picture is ‘spots’.  Danielle answers correctly and for her punishment accepts having her other houseguests splash her with paint for two minutes. She earns six points.

·         The ninth picture is “trip”, which means the person who answers will be sent on a trip to the Big Brother 24 hour Solitary Dance Party. Dan answers correctly earning him eight points and add to his total bringing it to 13 overall.

·         The tenth and final picture is of summer and is worth 11 points. Britney buzzes in first but can’t think of the word.

·         Frank whispers the word to Britney and is DQ’d from the game. Frank had the lead, the only person who could have beaten him by points was Dan and he still has to do all the punishments. Worst move by Frank so far.

·         The (second) last picture is still worth 11 points and now anyone has a chance to win the Veto. The picture is of a ticket and Jenn answers correctly meaning that Jenn has 15 points and wins the Veto. (WHAT? Jenn won a competition?) She also accepted to take a slop pass for the rest of the summer.

·         In a diary room celebration of her first win Jenn yells “Awh! Shucky, Ducky Now! Looks who’s got the gold.”

After the competition Frank and Jen come together and solidify their alliance. Jenn reiterates to Frank what she said earlier, that he is not alone in the game, and makes sure he realizes she is sincere.

Dan breaks down in the diary room after losing the Veto competition. While in between sobs he says “In the end, there are three things I love in life my wife and my family, coaching and playing this game.” He enters the 24 hour Solitary Dance Party after the competition and seems to be ok with the fact that he has 24 hours to be alone and scheme.

Over the next couple minutes we get quick looks at everyone’s punishments. Britney and Danielle awkwardly use the washroom with the other standing just outside the door because they are chained together. We see Frank wearing his carrot costume and then having to jump into the chum bath every time the bell sounds, even when he’s sleeping.

I guess the 24 hours goes quickly because we are now shown the houses guest banging on the door of the Have-Not room to wake Dan up and let him know he can come out now. When Dan comes out though, he looks pretty beat up and the smell in the Have-Not room leaves everyone believing that Dan got sick over night. Dan walks around the house like a zombie and then he lets everyone know that when he feels better he would like to have a house meeting.

At the house meeting, that Dan calls his “Big Brother Funeral” (he wears all black), he starts by saying something nice about all the houseguests.

Joe: Joe, being around you, you taught me a lot about how to be a good husband.

Shane: You know Shane’s walking, living proof that there actually is a Captain America. You’re such a good dude, I just appreciate our friendship.

Jenn: The one and only Jenn “City”. You’re the first lesbian I’ve ever met and I just want you to know just how much you’ve touched me.

Britney: I know that we’re always going to have this bond that maybe only you and I understand as new people being married in this house and being separated from the people we love.

Ian: The more and more I was around you the more you remind me of myself because you love this place with everything its worth. And you, you single handily made this experience for me.

Frank: There’s a couple things I’ve said about you that I’m not proud of, you know, there’s something in the bible I want to read to you upstairs and apologize to you face to face in private.

If you’re paying attention you’re right Dan hasn’t said anything to Danielle yet, he saved her for last and I’m sure it will be the most emotional and heartfelt.

Danielle: The last time I played this game I learned a lot of tough lessons early on, and I learned that you gotta find one person and put 100% of your trust in them. I thought I picked you and you would have similar qualities to Memphis Garret and, through my own fault, I was wrong. We don’t need to get into it right now but in this game you’ll never earn my trust back. You know what you did and in this game you’re dead to me. So don’t come to me and ask about ‘cause it’s over.

BOOM! Dan just dropped a bomb on Danielle in front of the whole house and no one knows why. All Danielle can do is sit there and cry, while Dan and Frank go upstairs so Dan can apologize and the rest f the players stand around dumb founded.

In a diary room interview with his hair all slick back we see Dan looking like an evil villain and he explains what just really happened, “Did I really go crazy in solitary confinement? Or did I come up with a master plan to get myself out of this mess?” OOOOOHHHH!! Yeah, that makes more sense Dan doesn’t seem like the kind of person to all of a sudden sprout feelings, he was just playing everyone. Danielle isn’t going to be too happy when Dan lets her know this is the second time he has made her cry for the good of his game.

Dan has just created one of the best diversions in Big Brother history, while the house guests are downstairs trying to figure out his motives for the speech and at the same time trying to console Danielle he is upstairs with Frank letting him on everything. Dan tells Frank that Ian was the guy spreading all the info about Boogie and that Britney and Shane wanted to win the veto in order to mess with Frank’s nominations.  All this truth telling from Dan is just his way of trying to get back on Franks good side and surprisingly it works. Not only that we have our second and third alliances of the episode formed. Dan and Frank decide to make a final two pact and also plan on bringing Danielle and Jenn in on it. Now all that has to be done is Frank has to convince Jenn to use the Veto on Dan so he can nominate Britney and Dan has to get Danielle back on his side after blowing her up in front of the whole house.

Dan brings Danielle into the arcade room to do damage control. He tells her that in order to save them both he had to make her cry in front of everyone. Danielle starts crying again saying “You broke my heart. You humiliated me in front of the whole house.” She stops crying almost on command and asks him if he could have at least given her a heads up and he says no “Because then you wouldn’t have cried.” Danielle can only reply with “You are one sick person, Dan.”

Now that Danielle is on board all Frank needs to do is get Jenn on board. Frank tells her everything that Dan told him about Ian and Britney. Jenn is on board to go after Ian next week but she is hesitant about using the Veto on Dan because she doesn’t really trust him but Frank assures her that he and Dan both have her back and that’s good enough for her.

At the Veto ceremony both Ian and Jenn have a chance to use their Vetoes. Ian is up first and decides not to use it because he wants to build up trust with Frank. On the other hand Jenn does use her Veto, making probably the only move she has made all season. Knowing this was all going to Frank had a nice little speech planned out when he replaced Dan with Britney on the block, He said “Ian, you voted Mike out last week and then put me and my other closest ally up on the block. She went home. You won the veto so I can put up. I got to do the next best thing and put your closest ally up on the block, you made apparent who that is, so according to a not so wise young man ‘Britney pop-a-squat.’”

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