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Big Brother Recap: Episode 15

Rock the Boat, Don’t Rock the Boat Baby!

After the live show on Sunday the house stands as so: Frank is HoH, he is in an alliance of six with Boogie, Britney, Shane, Dan and Danielle called the Silent Six. DDBS (Dan, Danielle, Britney, and Shane) are also in a smaller alliance of five with Ian called the Quack Pack. Wil and Joe are the nominees and the Silent Six and Ian are all planning to vote out Wil this week. Now that we’re caught up let’s get to episode 15.

The episode starts with Wil and Joe letting us know how they feel about Frank nominating them for eviction this week. They both give their patented diary room interview, Wil in his 1950’s “This Just In” voice and Joe screaming into the camera until his face turns red.

Wil: “At this point in the game I’ve been trying not to take things personal, but as weeks go by its hard not to take it. And you know what. I’m coming for revenge. Watch your back Frank.”


After the ceremony Boogie and Frank talk in the arcade room. Boogie wants to make sure Frank knows that their main priority has to be getting Wil out of the house this week. Mike also suggests that Frank go and try and get on the in with Joe because he thinks if Chill Town can get Joe on their side they can use him as a “loyal pet” in the game. Frank agrees and goes on to say “We just gotta make sure [Joe] knows, don’t stir the pot.”

Frank goes right to Joe and tells him that he has a good chance of staying this week if he lays low and doesn’t stir the pot too much. Then we see Frank in a diary room interview, “Joe’s like a drunk girl at prom. She’s gonna make a mess you just gotta make sure she doesn’t throw up on your shoes.” That might be the first and last time someone compares Joe to a girl a prom but I like it.

Boogie heads to talk to Wil, he wants to tell Wil that he is 100 percent safe this week just to mess with him a little. Wil is definitely not buying what Boogie is selling. In one of his annoying diary room interviews with at least two voices and an evil cackle of a laugh, he lets us know that he will not pick Boogie to play in the veto competition (take my word for it, it was much more annoying then I made it sound). I really don’t know what’s wrong with that guy.

The Have-Not room is abuzz with Britney and Shane talking about Danielle. Brit asks him whats going on between the two of them and Shane says “I just feel like she has stronger feelings for me than I do for her. So, it’s definitely an awkward situation for me. I feel like if I talk to any other girl she gets jealous.” (Wow, stop telling Britney and go tell Danielle.) He even says that the whole thing makes him feel really “uncomfortable.” Danielle is not going to hearing this news. After gossiping about Danielle they talk a little game. They are both scared that if either Mike or Frank wins the Veto that they will use it and nominate Shane. Shane tells Brit he has to win the veto in order save himself this week.

It’s time to lose the spiritard! Everyone seemed mildly amused that this whole “lose the uni-tard” was being dragged out into a whole big thing. Frank gave his one piece a nice farewell cheer “Bye bye spiritard! Life with you has been so hard! I won’t be wearing you no more, I won’t be sad to see you go!” That wasn’t good at all. I wonder if he had been preparing that all week or if it was a last minute thing. Maybe the producers wrote that and gave it to I’m to sing. After his rendition of what some people might call a cheer he strips down to his boxers and does a belly flop in the pool. Oh Frank, you so crazy.

Since Ashley is injured Wil feels like he needs more allies so he goes to talk to Danielle. The way he tries to get Danielle on his side is he just opens up, I don’t know if he is going for a pity vote or he wants Danielle to just really trust him, but he starts laying it on thick. He tells her he was a teeny bopper that used to go on tour with other artists. He goes on to tell Danielle that he was teased and harassed all throughout high school and instead of trying to kill himself or be depressed it pushed him to become a pop singer. The whole conversation gets to Danielle and by the end she is wondering out loud in a diary room interview if Wil deserves to be on the block.

The players in the Veto competition this week are Frank (HoH), Wil (nominated), Joe (nominated), Shane (Veto Ticket), Jenn (name drawn), Mike (name drawn), and Ashley (Joe’s players choice). Joe picked Ashley because her back is injured, and instead of picking someone who could potentially beat him (really you are that worried Ian can beat you?) he chose the person who can barely walk. (Quick side note: Jenn city has played in so many individual competitions and she hasn’t really even come close to winning one. When are they going to target the floaters?) Frank also picks Ian as the host of the competition.

Everyone is relaxing and laying on the couches when all of a sudden the door opens and ZINGBOT! The Zingbot 3000 is back in the Big Brother house and here are his zingers and my grading of how good of a zing it was.

Ashley: Your smile lights up the room. Too bad it’s thing only about you that’s bright! ZING!

Grade: C- 

It took Ashley so long to get the joke, you could have just called her dumb and it probably would have been more affective. Her diary room reply was “Excuse me Zingbot, do you know how bright you need to be a spray tanner? Uh, ALOT!” Oh Ashley, sit down before you hurt yourself.

Shane: My five year old niece called, she wants her pink tank top back. ZING!

Grade: C+

It has been bothering me all season so far, that doesn’t look like a wife beater I’m pretty sure it’s a female tank top. Maybe it’s unisex.

Britney: I have a half million dollars to donate, please tell me more about the charity you gave yours too. I think it was called the Brigade. ZING!

Grade: B+

I love the call back to a previous season and it was great to see Britney say she wasn’t bitter in the diary room, that was classic.

Joe and Mike Boogie: Joe how does it feel to be the old man of the house? Oh, sorry Boogie, I didn’t see you there. Zing!

Grade: C+

It wasn’t that good Zingbot just called them both old and Joe got off pretty easily.

Ian: For a chemical engineering student, it’s amazing how little chemistry you have with... THE LADIES! ZING!

Grade: C-

This is similar to the Ashley zing. It would’ve been a lot more affective and probably funny if he just said “Ian you’re a loser and can’t get girls.” But then again that’s pretty harsh.

Jenn: You have a lot in common with a gossip magazine; you’re both covered in bad ink. ZING!

Grade: C

You couldn’t have made a joke about her losing every competition, how she hasn’t done anything towards advancing herself in the game or even the fact that she’s rarely on the TV show?

Frank: Little orphan Annie would “appreesh” if you stop stealing her... hairdo! ZING!

Grade: B-

Nice but what was even better was Frank’s diary room zing of Boogie, “I don’t know who little orphan Annie is. I’m not as old as Boogie. Zing!”

Danielle: I hear Shane’s going to give you a special gift after the season, a restraining order! ZING!

Grade: A++

That was by far the best one. I’m glad they cut deep with someone even if it was the easiest one to go after. What makes this Zing even better is that Danielle is mad the rest of the episode and what I would guess would be the next couple days.

Now that all the zingers are done the Zingbot leads the competitors to the backyard for the Veto competition.  In order to win the Veto the players will have to help Zingbot have a baby. To do so they will have to build a pipeline in order to move a metal ball from one side of the puzzle to the other. The pipeline will have to pass through all six gateways and will be put together using a bunch of pieces of pipe of all different lengths and bends. Once their pipeline is complete they will use a magnet to move the ball through the pipeline. The first person finished wins the Power of Veto.

While most of the players struggle, Frank on the other hand takes a early lead and keeps it for the whole competition. He wins this competition pretty easily and now has both the HoH power and the Power of Veto. Not only does Frank win the competition but he unleashes Zingbot 4000 on the world. Baby Zingbot will take over the world, I’m sure that’s what the Mayans meant.

Wil, Jenn and Ashley talk about how Frank should make a big move this week. Ashley’s reasoning is that since the veto has been used every other week (it hasn’t) that Frank should this week. Wil’s reasoning is a little less insane but not quite sane yet, he thinks that Frank needs to make a big move because he has the opportunity to make one. Jenn tells Wil and Ashley to go talk to Frank about it. Jenn is not going with them as to not look like she is against Boogie? Jenn is the worst player in the game.

Wil and Ashley head up to the HoH room to let Frank know that if he was planning on trying to get Dan out this week that he could have the votes (they don’t, it would be a tie and Frank would have to be the tie breaker). Frank lets them know that he is kind of leaning that way but they won’t know his decision until after the Veto ceremony. In other words if the nominations are left the same, that means no deal.

When Wil and Ashley leave the HoH room Britney sends Ian up to talk to Frank to find out what they were just talking about. Frank lets Ian know about their discussion. He also tells Ian that Dan is his main target and asks Ian if he will vote the way he wants. Ian tells him that “sadly” yes he would vote whichever way Frank asked. (Ian is doing a pretty good acting job at this point, it’s pretty surprising.) Frank tries to get Ian on his side by saying he doesn’t trust Dan and that if Dan left they would still have a strong five person alliance. Ian replies with “My honest advice is don’t rock the boat.”

After the discussion with Frank, Ian runs to Danielle and Britney and he tells them what Frank was saying but not to worry because he told Frank not to rock the boat. Britney has a classic diary room interview saying, “I’m glad Ian has come to us with this information obviously he is still, like whatever, a ‘Quack Packer’. I’m so embarrassed that I just said that. You cannot trust Frank. On one hand he works with Mike Boogie, that’s a big red flag. On the other hand he wears his hair like that in public, there for has no shame there for you know you can’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth.”

Before the Veto meeting Frank and Mike have a little pow wow. Frank wants to revisit the idea of getting Dan out of the house. Boogie is still adamant against putting Dan up and he is trying to get Fran to hear him. Boogie tells Frank that since they just formed the Silent Six and the best way to build some trust would be to leave the nominations the same.

At the Veto ceremony Frank decides against using the power saying “I’ve been in some tough spots already, and I don’t need to rock the boat or getting any more blood on my hands at this point.” Good call Frank.
The episode ends with the nominations the same and DDBS with relief all over their faces. On Thursday we will find out who goes home, who becomes the next HoH and why the hell Jeff is coming back?

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