Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Big Brother Update (Aug. 13 – 14) (Spoilers)

Frank The Tank

Frank is complete control of the house, he has the HoH and as we saw in my last Big Brother Update Frank now has the Power of Veto as well. He can leave Wil and Joe on the block, like the original plan, or he can take one of them down and replace Wil or Joe with someone he has been targeting for the last couple of days (Dan?). Will Frank listen to Boogie and the rest of his alliance? Or will he change the game by nominating someone else for eviction.

Aug. 13

·         Frank and Ian discussed blindsiding Dan. Frank told Boogie and Boogie was not pleased. He thinks Ian will go tell Britney, and that’s exactly what Ian does.
·         Shane tells Dan that Wil is pushing for Dan to be blindsided this week.
·         Frank leaves the nominations the same.
·         Britney tells Dan that there was a possibility that Frank was going to blindside him. Dan says that he already knew. Ian fills Dan in on all the details of his conversation with Frank.
·         Frank tries to convince Joe that Wil will be going home this week.
·         Dan thanks Frank for not putting him on the block. They talk about trust and about getting as far as they can with Boogie and Danielle. (No mention of Britney or Shane?)
·         Britney and Ian talk about getting the floaters out next and not the big threats. (Does that mean Frank is no longer a target? Not that bright of a move, but it’s great for Frank.)
·         Now that Janelle is gone, Danielle is making up stuff that Britney has said and spreading the crazy lies to Dan.

Aug. 14

·         Wil and Jenn think if Ashley makes it to the final two she will win the game. (Wil and Jenn prove that they know even less then I thought they knew about this game.)
·         Danielle thinks Janelle tried to make her feel bad before she was evicted.
·         Frank and Boogie discuss if they think there will be a Pandora’s Box this week.
·         Dan and Frank talk about how to get Shane and Britney out. They plan to do it on a fast forward week (a week where two people are evicted).
·         Joe tells Britney and Shane that he will target Ashley and Jenn next week if he wins HoH. (Joe you have not won anything this year. Win something and then make deals!)
·         Ashley and Wil think there will be a tie this week and that Frank will evict Joe with the tiebreaking vote. They think Frank likes Wil better then Joe. (Sure but isn’t that like wanting a broken bone more than an amputated limb?)
·         Joe says that the diary room warned him not to taste his food while he cooks for the other because he is a Have-Not.
·         Ashley and Frank have a “date” in the HoH room. Ian gets a little jealous.
·         Frank and Ashley start making in the HoH room. (Ian is going to lose it!)

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