Friday, August 3, 2012

Big Brother Recap: Episode 10

The Twist Everyone’s Been Expecting

Julie Chen is back with another live eviction episode. She starts off with the question everyone wants to know the answer to “Will the coaches enter the game?” I can’t wait to find out, are they going to be a part of the voting? Will they play in the HoH competition? I can’t wait.

Boogie starts the episode off with a diary room rant about how “I am a little perturbed that they’re going to make me go back to work this week.” I think he really just means he is going to go around trying to threaten people.

Ashley celebrates saying “I did it!” in regards to her being taken off the block by Shane. My only question is what exactly does she think she did? Does she mean that she became even less of a threat then she was before?

Shane is trying to play off nominating Frank as just a ploy to calm the house down but really he is aiming to get Frank out. Shane’s flirt-mance(?), Danielle, says that Shane’s play to backdoor Frank was “the best move to date.” I don’t disagree with her but I do have to say that making the obvious move should never be called “the best move” but seeing as no other big moves have been made yet, this is definitely the default number one move.

Boogie gets frustrated with Frank because Frank didn’t tell him that there was a good chance that Shane would replace a nominee. Boogie tells Frank that he has to let him know what’s going on, if he’s going to be able to help him.

In the Head of Household room Shane, Britney, Janelle and her team are all talking about Shane’s decision to take Ashley off the block and replace her with Frank. (Janelle is hanging in the HoH room again all week. She has been in the HoH room every week, almost as much as the Head of Households.)  They all say that it was ballsy move what Shane did; Ashley even says “It’s just like in the spiritual world; you’re taught that you have to go through this awkward feeling to achieve great results. Like, you work out and you feel the burn, to get muscles and stuff.  And like, that’s why people don’t go through that to get a big great result, like we’re breaking up like such a big team.” All I can say to that is, yes Ashley.

Ian is all by himself in the have not room freaking out about Frank being nominated. He’s talking to himself, asking himself all sorts of questions and it seemed for a minute like he was answering them too. He goes and talks to Frank and Boogie about what he talked to Britney about the other night. Ian tells his coach and teammate that he didn’t want to “Write a check that I may not be able to cash” to which Boogie replies (and should have made a shirt with this on it) “This is the Big Brother house. You can bounce checks.” Oh, Boogie you are hilarious.

Janelle and Britney take some time off the stressful game to discuss cramps and the pain of labor. The conversation turns to the fact that Janelle doesn’t cry. “You didn’t cry during labor?” asks Britney with Janelle just smiling and saying “I don’t cry.” Britney drills Janelle with even more situations, seeing if anything would make Janelle cry, just to realize that Janelle doesn’t really show emotions. Britney thinks that’s a huge advantage in the game.

That night Janelle, Joe, and Wil sit around in the backyard discussing the game. They talk about how Frank is Wil’s biggest competitor in the game and that Wil is lucky that Janelle saved him from being backdoored by Frank. (Why does everyone still think Wil is somehow a strong player? He hasn’t won anything, he isn’t playing a good social game and he’s annoying as hell.) Janelle says something about kissing ass three days straight in order to keep Wil off the block. Wil is not to happy with those comments sarcastically saying “Thank you for saving me two weeks in a row Janelle.” Wil has a diary room interview where he says that he is getting frustrated with Janelle and how he is tired of her condescending attitude.

The next morning Wil tell Joe that he isn’t happy with Janelle and that she should be scared. Joe takes those comments and interprets them the only way he knows how and then tells Janelle and Ashley that Wil has flipped sides and is ready to vote him out instead of Frank. Where Joe comes up with this stuff I will never know.

Janelle tries to patch things over with Wil by telling him everything she thinks he wants to hear. She even starts to fake cry (not very well either) in order to get Wil to believe she is sincere. Wil is not fooled but he decides to play along with Janelle just to appease her. He now trusts Janelle even less then he did before.
Boogie and Frank try to convince Dan that Danielle’s best play, as the swing vote, would be to get out Joe instead of Frank. Boogie’s song and dance actually does a pretty good job of convincing Dan and he goes straight to Danielle to talk.

Dan not only tells Danielle that joining with Boogie and Frank is the best play but he also get on her about her little showmance with Shane. Dan says to her “I command you to stop liking Shane.” He goes even further saying “You aren’t going to date on the outside” to which Danielle says she wasn’t even thinking that but you can tell she was definitely thinking that.

J-Chen is back to talk to the houseguests. She asks Boogie a question about taking the biggest portion of the prize money he got in the coaches competition to which he replies “My uncle Rick Burraso, whose birthday it is in Tampa Florida, always told me that you know take the biggest portion if it’s available.”

It is now time for Julie’s weekly interview with the Head of Household, Shane, where he backtracks on his rating of the kiss he shared with Danielle, telling Julie “You put me on the spot.” He goes on to tell Julie that he made the big move because it was what he and his coach wanted. It almost seems like he didn’t want to do that but was more pushed into by Britney.

Seeing as how Frank is on the block and might be evicted the show interviews his dad Sid Vicious. (Sid Vicious was one of my favorite wrestlers back in the day and he still even looks the same.) The thing about the interview that stood out the most was when Sid was watching the episodes of Big Brother and goes on to say just how proud he is of his son. It was very heartwarming.

The Chen-bot is back to tell the house guests the big twist. She lets them know that America has voted and they will offer the coaches the chance to join the game and play for the $500,000 grand prize. The big twist, that I didn’t expect, was that if just one of the coaches hit the “reset” button the whole game would be restarted with the coaches in the game. No one would be evicted and every one of the house guests would be able to play for the HoH. Julie let’s each coach go into the diary room one by one to make their decision. Every coach, but Mike, hit the button which means the whole game has been reset and no one will be evicted. (Frank is still alive!)

The HoH competition is an endurance challenge. The players have to stand on a small plank of wood while holding onto a bar behind them. The wall that is behind them shifts leaning the contestants almost parallel to the water and then leans them all the way back to a laying position. Right before the end of the episode Julie unleashes the “weather” on the HoH competitors, soaking them right behind their head with what I presume is very cold water.

That’s what we’re left with, a cliff hanger of a HoH competition. We will have to wait until Sunday to find out who wins Head of Household and who he or she will nominate for eviction this week. Stay tuned.

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