Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Big Brother Update (Aug. 20 – 21) (Spoilers)

Quack Pack Attack

The Quack Pack is in charge this week and is focusing their attention on getting Frank and Mike Boogie out of the house. Since Frank ended up winning the Power of Veto and is likely to take himself off the block what will Shane, the HoH, and the rest of the Quack Pack decide to do?

Aug. 20

·         Boogie tries to convince Shane that Dan should go up in place of Frank and the Veto ceremony. (Frank does too.)
·         Shane replaces Frank with Jenn at the Veto ceremony.
·         Britney tells Jenn that she is sorry that Shane nominated her and that she had nothing to do with it. (Maybe Britney’s trying to get back at Shane for telling Frank and Boogie that he was pressured into nominating them.)
·         Jenn blames Dan for being nominated.
·         Ashley and Danielle agree to vote out Boogie. (I thought that was their plan all along.)
·         Boogie and Frank start to make a scene in the kitchen. They are calling Shane out in front of everyone.
·         Boogie and Frank try and go after Dan and get him riled up. Frank, Boogie and Jenn (Really?) start to talk about Dan like he isn’t even sitting right beside them. (They don’t say the nicest things.) Dan doesn’t take the bait.
·         Joe thinks that the bullying that Mike and Frank are doing isn’t right and he tells them.
·         Danielle and Dan talk in the arcade room and Danielle makes the whole situation about her.
·         Britney tells Boogie and Frank that she doesn’t know what Shane is going to do and wants to keep it that way, so that she can’t be blamed.
·         Britney tells Danielle she is being ridiculous and over dramatic. (Finally.)
·         Dan, Shane, Danielle, and Joe talk about how a double eviction week would be the best situation to get both Frank and Boogie out.
·         Jenn still doesn’t know that the house is targeting Boogie (Where has she been?) and is lobbying for votes.
·         Frank and Boogie want Ian to stop hanging out with Dan and Shane and start hanging out with them more. Ian says that he won’t stop hanging out with anyone.
·         Ashley agrees to vote for Boogie to stay in the house and she asks Ian if he will do the same. Ian says yes. (That is very unlikely because of his Quack Pack alliance.

Aug. 21

·         Frank, Boogie and Ashley all plan on spending the day trying to get Joe’s vote.
·         Ashley says she is going to threaten Joe by telling him that if he doesn’t vote Boogie to stay she’ll put him up for eviction. (HaHaHa!)
·         Frank and Boogie discuss the prospects of using their Big Brother fame for a chance to be on Amazing Race.
·         Ian tells Joe he’s voting for Boogie to stay. (He’s not.)
·         Joe tells Boogie Ian is voting Boogie out. (Joe only assumes that.)
·         Ashley tells Britney that she’s voting to keep Jenn. (I don’t think Ashley knows left from right at this point.)
·         Shane tells Jenn that she is the pawn and that Boogie is the target. Jenn is finally realizing what is going on. (Welcome to the Big Brother house.) Joe tells everyone that Ashley is voting to keep Boogie.
·         Ashley and Joe confront each other over the rumours (and truths?) that they have been spreading.
·         Ian is crying because he feels bad about voting out Boogie. (He isn’t changing his mind just pitying himself.)
·         Frank (almost in tears) pleads with the house guests in the HoH room to stop talking shit about Boogie. Everyone is shocked.

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