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AJ Ranks Vol. 8: ABDC’s Best Crews

America’s Best Dance Crew’s Best Dance Crew

Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) is a reality competition TV show, where dance crews from all over America (and sometimes Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico) compete for $100,000 and a golden statue of a B-Boy doing a freeze. (The statues legs move like a bobble head doll.) Since 2008 there have been seven seasons of ABDC with seven very different winners and a lot of really good crews that missed out because the season they were on was inhabited by JabbaWockeeZ, or was transformed into a Super Cr3w break fest. So here I will try and rank the top ten crews to ever step on to Randy Jackson’s (What up, Dawg?) prestigious dance stage.

10. Blueprint Cru
(Performance at 1:15)

The only Canadian team (that I know of) that has ever been on ABDC, and they didn’t disappoint. They came in second to Poreotix in season 5, and it was just one of those seasons were they put up against one of the best team to ever be on the show. Blueprint Cru might have been able upset We are Heroes in season four and they could have put up a good fight against last year’s champ the Elektrolytes in they were on form but they ended in the bottom two too often on their season and there for are giving the 10th spot.

9. Eletrolytes
(Performance at 2:20)

They would have easily lost on any other season and their best performance was aided by Poreotix (it was at the finale and wasn’t judged, so it didn’t actually make a difference in them winning or losing). Elektrolytes earn this high of a spot by default of being the season seven champions.

8. We Are Heroes

Another crew that was very fortunate to be on a weaker season. I am not trying to take anything away from these ladies, they are amazing. They fought incredibly hard to become the season 4 champions. That is too say their biggest competition might have been a bunch of men dancing and dressing like women. On any season other then there and seven they would have come in second maybe even third. Heroes are still sexy and amazing talented dancers at the end of the day so who am I to judge.

7. Kaba Modern
(Performance at 1:35) 

One of the greatest travesties ever happened in season one, when the stunt filled but not very talented dance crew, Status Quo, upset the smooth, precise and mind blowing technique of the college dance crew Kaba Modern.  Even if Kaba Modern would have beat Status Quo, they still would have ended up against the greatest ABDC dance crew ever and there for second or third probably didn’t affect their future earnings all that much.

6. Beat Freaks
(Performance at 1:45) 

Beat Freaks is the highest rated none champion on this list and an all female dance crew that would have likely won on four other seasons. This routine in particular is still one of my favorite today, the way they incorporated the challenge into it and their breaking is always so clean.

5. Poreotics

Poreotics is a California based dance crew and they are the champions of ABDC season 5. The name Poreotics is a combination of their three main specialities popping, choreography and robotics (Po-reo-tics). They were also one of the most entertaining crews to ever be on the show.

4. I.aM.mE.
(Performance at 1:40) 

The season 6 champs are best known for what they call “brain banging” (when they use their bodies to make incredible images). Each member has their own style that when blended together makes this group that more amazing.

3. Super Cr3w
(Performance at 1:30) 

Super Cr3w is easily one of the best break dancing crews in the world. Not only that they are put together with some of the greatest individual breakers on the planet. If you don’t believe me check out their bio on their website, these are some decorated break dancers.

2. Quest Crew

This crew is not only full of amazing dancers, it’s filled with reality TV stars. A couple of them appeared on So You Think You Can Dance and another one was on American Idol. Their main success and what made them a worldwide name was winning ABDC season 3. Their stunts and tight choreography made them front runners all season long that year and they haven’t looked back since.

1.  JabbaWockeeZ
(Performance at 0:50) 

The original America’s Best Dance Crew Champions and, easily, the best crew to ever be on ABDC stage, the JabbaWockeeZ will likely never be surpassed. Not only have they been in movies and music but every time they come back to make an appearance on ABDC after their season they leave everyone everywhere wanting ABDC to be remade into a season long JabbaWockeeZ music video.

Here are some more JabbaWockeeZ videos for your enjoyment: 

(Performance at 1:35) 

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