Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Big Brother Update (July 29-31) (Spoilers)

Who’s telling the Truth?

With Shane in power and two of Janelle’s team up on the block, the house is full of lies and behind the back deals. See who’s aligning with whom and who isn’t getting along before tonight’s episode.

July 29

·         Joe tries to make a deal with Boogie that makes him safe for two weeks and then Joe will volunteer to leave the house. (Boogie is not that dumb Joe.)
·         Janelle says she wants more kids and probably won’t do another season of Big Brother.
·         Coaches believe this week will be the week that they will be let into the game.
·         Shane and Danielle do not think the coaches will be entering the game.
·         Dan tells Shane he doesn’t trust Boogie.
·         Wil tries to save Joe and Ashley by telling Shane that Ian is the biggest threat in the house.
·         Britney and Janelle are sure the coaches are coming into the game and they want to work together.

July 30

·         Britney thinks that Shane should take someone of the block and put Frank up. Shane agrees because he doesn’t trust Boogie.
·         Britney thinks Shane is doing Janelle’s teams dirty work if they get Frank out. (Make up your mind.)
·         Shane took Ashley off the block and put up Frank in her place.
·         Shane tells Frank and Boogie that he put Frank up in order to secure the elimination of Joe. (They actually believed him!)
·         Ian is upset because Boogie thinks Ian said something that caused Franks nomination.
·         Shane tells Britney that Danielle is making him feel uncomfortable and that he was actually into Kara.

July 31

·         Boogie vows to make Shane’s Big Brother life a living hell if Frank is eliminated.
·         Janelle Ashley and Joe think that Wil has flipped sides because Joe saw him talking with Boogie and Frank.
·         Janelle wants Britney to spread a lie that will make Wil and Frank go at each other.
·         Janelle and Danielle make a deal that if Danielle is safe next week she will vote to evict Frank.
·         Janelle cries as she talks out her problems with Wil.
·         Dan gives Danielle a reality check about her deal with Shane.

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