Sunday, September 2, 2012

Big Brother Update (Aug. 30 – Sept. 1) (Spoilers)

After the Aftermath

After Ian and the Quack pack took out both Boogie and Ashley in the same night, leaving Frank pretty much all by alone in the house, things changed. Frank rallied, won HoH and targeted Dan for eviction (which has been his goal for most of the season).  After a little theatrics and a little bit of truth Dan turned the house upside down, hosting his own funeral and then getting Frank (the guy who has been targeting him all season) to change his mind and go after Britney. It all works in Dan’s favor with Britney going home and him being able to save himself for another week. The Live Eviction episode ended right after Joe and Ashley had been eliminated from the HoH competition, here’s what happened after that.

Aug. 30

·         Danielle is the third person to fall of her rope and is out of the HoH competition.
·         Dan drops fourth.
·         Shane and Ian are left in the HoH competition.
·         Shane asks the other houseguests for some privacy so he can talk to Ian.
·         Ian tells Shane that he and Danielle are safe this week, if Shane let’s Ian win.
·         Shane drops and Ian wins HoH.

Aug. 31

·         Joe asks Shane about his safety this week. Shane doesn’t tell him anything about his deal with Ian (which by default gives Joe a one in four chance of going up).
·         Pandora’s Box is back again. While Ian gets gifts in the HoH room, the rest of the house gets to suffer through Jessie and, not only that but he takes all their junk food.
·         They also get a new hammock that doesn’t squeak.
·         Dan and Shane know that this week is the time to get Frank out. (NO!!!)
·         Frank tells Jenn he had hoped Dan would be evicted this week. (Why didn’t you just evict him last week like you planned?)
·         Ian nominates Frank and Jenn.
·         Everyone except Joe is playing for the Veto.
·         Jenn and Frank know that if the other wins the Veto then they will be going home. They talk about how they hope Dan or Danielle would use the Veto to save them.
·         Dan is preparing his final 2 speech. (What a cocky, bugger.)

Sept. 1

·         Ian tells Dan that if Joe wins the Veto and uses it that Dan will be the only one that he puts up in the place of the saved house guest.
·         Frank and Jenn believe that if Dan wins the Veto he will use it on one of them and the other will be able to get more votes to stay then Joe.
·         Dan wins the Veto.
·         Dan tells the cameras that his plan is to use his Veto on Jenn so that Ian will replace her with Joe. The move will let Frank believe that Dan is on his side will leaving him on the block so they can evict him on Thursday.
·         Shane offers himself as a pawn to Ian and Dan if they need him to be. (What?)
·         Shane tells Frank that he didn’t want to lose in the HoH competition. (Then why did you drop?)
·         Joe tells Danielle that Dan is telling Ian to put her on the block if someone is taken off. Danielle doesn’t believe Joe and confirms that he is lying with Ian.
·         Jenn and Danielle laugh that Frank thinks he can he enough votes to stay against Joe. (Jenn’s against Frank now too?)
·         Danielle is upset that Shane isn’t excited to share a bed with her. She then complains to Dan that he hasn’t kissed her since Day 27. (She’s crazy!)
·         Dan and Danielle discuss who they should take to the final three with them. Danielle thinks they should take Shane (obviously), and Dan thinks Jenn would be the best bet. (Danielle should leave the strategy to Dan and just stick to being bat shit crazy.)

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