Monday, September 3, 2012

Big Brother Mini Recap: Episode 23

The Pack is Back

(Programming Note: Since I will be heading back to work on Tuesday, the Big Brother Recaps for the Sunday and Wednesday episodes will become mini recaps. The regular Recaps will continue for the live eviction episodes and the season finale.)

The live eviction show, on Thursday, ended while the HoH competition was in progress. Joe and Jenn had fallen and Dan, Danielle, Shane and Ian where the remaining four playing for Veto. Frank, as outgoing HoH, couldn’t play for the power this week and was left hoping one of his allies would win and keep him safe.

Here is the conclusion to the HoH competition and a couple other things you should know from last night’s Big Brother episode.

1. HoH and Nominations

The HoH competition ended much like it began, pathetically. The first person to be eliminated from the competition was Joe, who fell off after 2 minutes, and was punished with 24 hours of hula hoop boot camp (he has to get up and hula hoop whenever a song comes on for the next 24 hours). Jenn fell off three minutes after Joe and continued her season of futility. Danielle, about to vomit, jumped off next but had at least lasted 30 minutes longer than Jenn. Dan fell off next leaving Ian and Shane to hang on another hour until Shane asked all the other house guests to go inside so he could have some private time with Ian. Everyone and their Grandmas new it was deal making time, and since Ian seemed to be fine (he was educating everyone about space and even disco dancing) Shane knew he needed to secure Danielle and his safety this week and that’s exactly what he did. Shane jumped off and Ian became the new head of household.

At the nomination ceremony Ian gave easily the best nomination speech of the season. He was frank (pun intended) and honest, and he spoke with the most confidence I have seen from him all season. He even looked both Frank and Jenn in the eyes when he was taking to them, which hasn’t been done a lot at the nomination ceremonies this year. Here’s what he told Frank and Jenn when their keys were not pulled from the box, “Frank, you are a phenomenal competitor in this game. And I downright respect you for it, but you’re a huge threat and that is definitely an issue I have to look at going down the line. Jenn, you have played a remarkable social game so far and you’re also a threat. And I just have to keep these types of considerations in mind when moving forward and nothing personal, just strategy.”

2. Reuniting the Quack Pack

Last we saw of Dan he was making a final two deal with Frank, and then all of a sudden we are shown a clip of five hours before the eviction on Thursday. The clip is of Ian telling Dan that no matter what happened last week Ian was still down for the pack and that he wanted to reunite the remaining members and get Frank out. Dan agreed (obviously) and now he is covered on both sides of the house. They bring Shane and Danielle into the fold and everyone agrees that reuniting the Quack Pack is the best plan and now their sole purpose is to get Frank out.

3. HoH Room

Ian’s HoH room is the exact same as everyone else’s (I miss how they used to change it to kind of match the personality of the HoH) but he made up for that with his nerd “swagger.” He gets excited to see his pictures and his stuffed snake (Snakey) but he absolutely goes nuts when he sees his bismuth. He even repeatedly says “Yes!” and “Swagger!” He tries to explain what it is to the others and they all just politely nod and stare.

4. Pandora’s Box is Back

As HoH Ian finds that Pandora’s Box is back for a second time this season and he is the lucky recipient. He gets shown his possible bounty (a pile full of Christmas gifts) and decides to open Pandora’s box. After reading the instructions Ian starts opening the gifts. He gets Sodium Silicate Magic Rocks, a telescope, a science kit, and even a volcano making kit. The present he seems most excited about though is an inflatable alligator.

While Ian is in all his glory opening his gifts, Jesse Clause has been released on the house. Jesse from Big Brother 10, dressed as Santa (kind of), barges in, calls everyone fat, gives them all sorts of “healthy food” and takes all the junk food in the house. I have to say though out of all the times Jesse has punished the house guests this was by far his funniest appearance.

5. Crazy Danielle

Not that much exciting happened this episode, which means instead of praising say, a bold game move or brilliant strategy I am going to highlight some of Danielle’s crazier moments from this episode. (Yes, only this episode, it if was anymore this recap would not be mini anymore.)

First of all I know there isn’t a lot to do in the Big Brother house. I know that when you are down to 7 or 8 houseguests you probably have only one or two friends left in the house, but sitting in the bathroom while someone showers I just don’t get. Danielle (who complained about creepy Ian trying to get a peak every time she showered earlier in the season) sat in the bathroom when Shane showered and tried to whisper-talk to him. Not only did he not hear what she was saying (or ignored her) but it was also super creepy. (But it’s not Ian so it’s not a problem right Danielle?)

The second time Danielle got super stalker-y was when she was talking to Jenn about Shane. Danielle told Shane the exact day when Shane last kissed her and complained that he hasn’t done it since and that he is going to miss out. (Shane is clearly not interested and has to taken to sleeping in the same bed as Dan instead of sleeping with Danielle.) It only gets worst when Jenn totally changes something Shane had said into him calling Danielle his girlfriend. That’s when you see Danielle’s eyes light up but lets it be known that if Shane wants to move on with this relationship there needs to be more kisses.

Tune in Wednesday to find out who wins the Veto, whether they use it or not and to see if Danielle finally finishes her Shane hair-doll.

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  1. Poor houseguest for having to deal with Jesse and him taking all their junk food away. He even came in a Speedo, which was gross. I am excited that the Quack Pack is back together because it will make sure Dan is safe for a while. I think he should win this game. He is great at playing it and deserves the win. I had to catch up yesterday with the show, because I had yet to watch the nomination ceremony. I used my Hopper with the Auto Hop feature last night to catch up, which made it easy since it automatically skips the commercials for me. I was able to watch the show and still have some extra time before I had to head to work at Dish. It was no surprise that Frank and Jenn were put up for nominations, but hopefully Frank doesn’t win the POV and removes himself from the block. It is about time he leaves the house.