Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Big Brother Update (Sept. 2 – 4) (Spoilers)

Frank Against the World

The game is pretty much in control by the four person alliance of Dan, Danielle, Shane and Ian (The Quack Pack). They have the HoH and have nominated Jenn and Frank for eviction, and if Ian gets his way then Frank will be walking out the door this week. Here’s what has been happening in between episodes.

Sept. 2

·         Frank and Jenn plan to get Dan to use the Veto on Jenn so Frank will have at least one vote,
·         Dan is worried his actions in the Big Brother will affect his Wife in the real world.
·         Shane and Dan plan ahead just in case there is a double eviction week this week (there is).
·         Ian tells Danielle and Shane that Frank need to go home this week and Jenn next week. They also plan to tell Frank that he is safe so there is no drama.

Sept. 3

·         Frank tells Dan that he should use the Veto on him and not Jenn. Dan just plays the whole thing off.
·         Dan uses the Veto on Jenn and Ian nominates Joe in her place.
·         Danielle finally tells Shane that she is a nurse and not a teacher (because it’s such a huge disadvantage on Big Brother being a nurse and all).
·         Jenn tells Frank that it might be a unanimous vote for Frank to stay. (Her futility is affecting her alliances now.)
·         Ian and Frank agree that Jenn would be the only player Dan could beat in the final two because she has had such a crap season.
·         The houseguest take beer shots (is that a thing?). Then Danielle starts acting super drunk because it always has to be about Danielle.

Sept. 4

·         Frank tells Danielle that Dan had to be told by Frank to go apologize to Danielle after his “funeral” and is trying to get her on his side.
·         Danielle tells Dan everything Frank just said and they plan on keeping the ruse that he’s safe going.
·         Dan breaks the picture wall and Wil’s picture goes out.

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