Thursday, May 9, 2013

T.T.T.TV. (May 9)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

A Season Premiere, a Season Finale and a Seasoned Human Corpse

1. Community (NBC 8/7c)

In my mind this season of Community has been a hit. I don't know how the ratings are doing and I know it is very unlikely that it comes back for another season but I do know I'll be watching if they do. If this is the last ever Community episode I hope it goes out with a bang and from the preview at least Jeff will have to stand up to his worst enemy, himself.

2. Hannibal (NBC 10/9c)

Last week we saw Jack and Graham chasing down the Chesapeake Ripper and what they discovered was far more interesting. It turns out that the actual killer (Hannibal) had recorded Jack's protegee telling him she was scared and then killed her. And to prove that Eddie Izzard was indeed not the Chesapeake Ripper Hannibal called Jack (without him knowing) and played the recording. If that wasn't enough he decided to give the FBI a hand with the investigation (he literally left Miriam's hand at the observatory for the FBI to find). It looks like they are hot on the trails of Hannibal but I'm sure he wont go down without a fight.Plus we get a nice cameo from Gillian Anderson, what more could we ask for?

3. Wipeout (ABC 8/7c)

Do you enjoy watching people get hit in the face and take tremendous falls? If you do then we should be friends, but also you should watch this TV show. I laugh every episode and although it doesn't really ever change (the obstacles change quite often but people are always getting smashed) the show is always entertaining.

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