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Big Brother Canada Recap: Episode 29

Big Brother Canada Recap

The Best Worst Ending Possible

The first season of Big Brother Canada came to an end last night and we finally found out who would take home the grand prize. To find out who, where, what, why and when keep reading.

Head of Household

The last Head of Household competition of the season is the most important. It is a three part challenge that spans more than one day and the winner would have the privilege of choosing who they would go up against in the final two.

Part One

Competition: No Blood On My Hands

The first part of the three part HoH competition was a stamina challenge and the winner would get a free pass to the third part of the challenge. Each contestant had to stand on a platform, on top of a air ball, and hold a pole that kept a bucket of "blood" from falling on their heads. The bucket ended up being a lot heavier than the contestants thought and after four plus hours Emmet was the last person standing.

Winner: Emmet

Part Two

Competition: Big Brother Big Top

The second of the three challenges was a timed physical challenge that only Jillian and Gary would compete in. The game was basically a giant game of ring toss. Each ring had a name of a previous HoH winner and they had to throw them on to the numbered cone that corresponds with when the player was HoH. The only thing standing between the rings and the cones was set of monkey bars that hey had to cross in order to get back and forth. The game wasn't close and even with a 30 second penalty Gary beat Jillian by four minutes.

Winner: Gary

Part Three

Competition: Pre-Game Strategy True or False

The third challenge, between Emmet and Gary, was a simple true or false game. Arisa would give a quote from some of the evicted house guests interviews from before the season started and the contestants had to figure out whether the quote was actually said by the player. It was tied until the last question with Gary ending up as the winner and the person with the most poer in the house.

Winner: GARY!

In Memoriam


The Incredible Milk, you were one of my favorites to win and it was sad to see you go but in keeping Gary you sealed your fate. The only person that could beat you in a physical challenge should have been the first to go. You never said much and you honestly had the whole house on your side at one point in the game or another, as one of the biggest threats that is a huge accomplishment. You got rid of exactly who you needed to, exactly when it was necessary and that is why you got so far in the game. You can leave the game knowing that it was less a mistake and more Gary's great last minute move that ended your game. Farewell Milkman.


This is the second time in my recaps that I have had to write one of these for Gary and just to keep this post a little short I will link to that post here. But as long as were here I would like to repeat one of my sentiments from the last Gary 'In Memoriam' and that is that you are such a great role model and it is only a compliment to what kind of person you are that you came into this house, were exactly who you are and ended up one messed up vote away from winning it all. Congratulations on your victory in life and in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother Canada Season 1 Winner


After ten long weeks, a lot of backstabbing and a couple on controversial moments we finally have the winner of the first season of Big Brother Canada. She was one of the best competition players and had a decent social game. She was part of a visible two person alliance the whole game and wasn't nominated once. She was never anyone's target and although she was the reason for most of the jury members being evicted she still had three solid votes and only needed one person to mess up in order for her to win. All in all she deserved the win for playing a strong, smart game. The circumstances may have been a little controversial but in order to be one of the final two you had to have done something right.


So I have hinted at a little controversy that took place on the finale and I just wanted to get my two cents out in the air.

If you didn't watch last night during the the final vote in which the Jury votes for who they want to win(as opposed to voting for who they want evicted which they have done all season), Topaz mistakenly(?) made her vote for Jillian. After Arisa read Topaz's vote aloud Topaz jumped out of her seat in the Jury box and walked over to Arisa, on live TV, and told her that there was a mistake and that someone had changed her vote. After a commercial break we were shown video proving that in fact Topaz had chosen Jillian's key and placed it in the nomination box. To the dismay of every Gary fan in Canada and Topaz herself (who asked to redo the vote on numerous occasions) that one vote was the deciding one and ended up making Jillian the winner.

Here are my thoughts on that whole situation:

- I think Topaz was too excited and too focused on her speech and being on live TV that in the heat of the moment she just picked the wrong key. The whole "150%" thing just made her look real bad.

- The fact that she wanted to redo the votes or that some fans think that if Emmet or Talla had made that mistake Big Brother would have allowed it is ludicrous. Since the very first season of Big Brother U.S. this has always been the way the finale worked and I'm almost positive that the Jury members were explained it by the producers again before the live show.

- When Topaz was evicted Arisa made it seem as though Topaz was a student of the game and had watched many seasons of the U.S. version but I think this just proves otherwise. Any person that has watched more then one season of any of the Big Brother seasons know that the final vote is for the person you want to win. It's even the case in other reality shows like Survivor.

Random Thoughts

- Is it just me or did Part one of the last HoH competition look like a scene from Dexter?

- The Jury house fire scene proved to me just how smart Peter, Alec and Andrew were and how Talla, AJ, and Topaz had nothing to say ever or were just uninteresting.

- The final part of the HoH competition was a little upsetting since it was basically a guessing game. Even if they grew to knew the other house guests how would they be able to know what each persons strategy coming into the game.

- This time I'm sure Gary dropped on F bomb on live TV.

- I'm not sure how the Jury questions were done but it seemed like some were written for them (Talla) and it seems like others were completely there own doing (Peter). I wonder if they had to be approved by producers beforehand?

- Peter's question to Jillian was easily the best one of the night and on top of the great Q, he also called her Villian. Great name.

- I know it was due to a lack of time and the show being live but I think the fact that the last chance pleas from the contestants were rushed made it more dynamic. Big Brother US should think about rushing there final two.

- I wonder if they started saying Glitter Gary in the final episode because there is actually somebody who calls himself Gary Glitter who is pretty famous. I don't remember them ever calling him Glitter Gary before.

- The returning non-jury members of the cast were there and didn't add much to anything, much like their time in the house. Who's Kat?

Running Cast Grade: C+
(Last Episode: C+)

The first season ended with a bang and whether or not you agree with who won is pointless because the season and the finale were full of great moments. If you look back to the first Big Brother US i'm sure you can find faults and things you don't like but it was the beginning of something great and it took more then one season for it to catch on. When you take into consideration the fact that the first season of Big Brother Canada was way better than the first US season then you have to see a bright future for this franchise, well at least I do.

*Programming note: I will be doing a Big Brother Canada season recap this weekend that will be posted either late this weekend or early next week.

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