Thursday, May 2, 2013

T.T.T.TV. (May 2)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

A Community College, a Killer and a Bunch of Nerds

1. Community (NBC 8/7c)

Last weeks body switching episode was probably the best way they could have tackle something so odd. But they did it and did it well. Tonight's episode is called, Heroic Origins, and for me that only means one thing, the return of Abed's Batman. I hope it's the return of Abed's Batman, I really do.

2. Hannibal (NBC 10/9c)

This show is so gory that an NBC affiliate in Utah decided that they weren't going to air it anymore (that affiliate also took A New Normal off the air so it isn't saying much). And while watching last weeks episode I definitely had a few gross out moments but the acting and writing are so good I got over it pretty quickly. This week we get a special treat as Eddie Izzard plays a psychopath killer locked up like Silence of the Lambs and Will has to figure out if he is really the Chesapeake Killer.

3. The Big Bang Theory (CBS 8/7c)

Bob Newhart guest stars as Sheldon's childhood hero, Professor Proton and you can only imagine how awkward and weird Sheldon will make it.

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