Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tonight's Top Three on TV

Tonight's Top Three on TV (Jan. 20)

Girls, boys and the Sugar Dome!

1. Girls (HBO 9/8c)

Season 2 started off delightfully with Hannah and her new roommate throwing a party and inviting all their friends. Except Jessa, who only showed up briefly with her one-minute-husband getting back from their honeymoon. I need some more Jessa. But the highlight, for me, in this first episode back was Adam Driver's character and how he has done a complete personality 180 since being smashed by a car last season. He is not only throwing himself at Hannah but he is also completely self pitying and pathetic. It shows how good of an actor Adam Driver is but how well his character is written by Lena Dunham. Lastly, Donald Glover is guest starring! What can be better then having Childish Gambino on one of the better shows on TV. (Sorry Community.)

2. House of Lies (Showtime 10/9c)

If you read my Year in Review: TV blog post than you would know how I felt about the sex and depravity on this show. Which is to say, I love it. Don Cheadle brings his movie acting chops to the TV and is killing it. After seeing a couple of film actors try TV and fail (Laurence Fishburne, Forest Whitaker) it's nice to see one doing so well. And he hasn't stop being in movies either.

This season the "firm" (I really don't know what, what they do is called) gets a new boss and right off the bat they are off to their old games of lying, cheating and lying. Cheadle and Kristen Bell do a great job working off each other and if the first episode is any indication they will have a lot more time to do that.

3. Sugar Dome (Food Network 8/7c)

If you stick with me through these daily Tonight's Top Three on TV posts then you'll start to realize how much I enjoy watching the food network and different cooking shows. Mostly I enjoy the Cooking Reality TV shows like Hell's Kitchen, MasterChef and Top Chef but this show is really quite exciting. The concept is that there are three teams where a sugar artist, a cake designer are teamed an animatronics specialist or a fruit carver or a graffiti artist to create amazing sugar creations. Each week different teams are given a theme (eg. Dragons, Daredevil Stunts, Alien Invasion) and throughout the competition are given specifique tasks and or objects to incorporate into their designs. The winning team gets $15,000.

Tonight's episode is called When Toy Stories Come to Life at Night and the sugar and cake artists will be joined by a toy designer. Sounds great!

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