Friday, December 28, 2012

Year in Preview: TV

2013 Preview


Here is a list of the TV shows I am most excited about in 2013.

1. Breaking Bad (Summer)

The final eight episodes will be airing in the summer and all the fans know is that at some point Walter White will have a beard and a big f'n gun. What he does with it is still up in the air but I am super excited to find out.

2. Game of Thrones (Mar. 31)

Ever since I heard this series came from a book I've done everything in my power to not read the books and have enjoyed the TV show every bit for it. The new characters look interesting. We finally get to see the leader of the raiders and Arya is all growned up.

3. Community (Feb. 7)

This season might be the last one for community and all I have to say about that is, Troy and Abed should get a spin-off.

4. Justified (Jan. 8)

Raylan Givens is back and ready to kick the crap out of crime. Last season their seemed to be a lack of shooting people for no reason except he said he would so I wonder whether they stick to that rode or go back to the cop that shoots first, second and third and then asks questions.

5. The Following (Jan. 21)

Kevin Bacon is a ex-FBI agent brought back in to track down a mad man who has assembled a group of serial killers. James Purefoy plays the killer and it seems like that he was made for the role.

6. Archer (Jan. 17)

The worlds greatest spy is back to get drunk, sleep with random women and demean his butler.

7. Spartacus: War of The Damned (Jan. 25)

If you have followed the three other seasons then you probably know exactly what to expect from the finale season of the series. If you haven't then let me fill you in, there is sex, nudity, blood, fighting, gladiators and much more. Well, actually that's pretty much it but I can't wait to see how they cap the series.

 8. Eastbound and Down (Date TBD)

In my TV Review post I mentioned that the last season of Eastbound and Down was the last season. Only to realize that it was in fact picked up for a fourth season and I can't be any happier that I was wrong. Are Kenny and April be together and raise their kid? Probably not but what else do you expect from the baddest bad ass of the all.

9. Defiance (April)

SyFy istrying really hard to go back to the science fiction genre with this show and it looks like they might have succeeded. The show is about a bunch of alien races trying to move to our planet when thier sun exploded. Will we be as hostile as the Americans are to the Mexicans when they try to come in to their country? Probably.

10. The Family Tools (May 1)

I couldn't find a new comedy I was excited about, and then their was this. I am still not to excited to see it but just for the sole purpose of employing Leah Remini they get the 10th spot.

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