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Year in Preview 2013: Music

2013 Preview


The year in music was a little lackluster this year with not one standalone best album but many pretty good ones. If the list's I've found on the internet (some shadier sites) are legit then 2013 looks like it might be a stellar year in music.


The record label that Dr. Dre started, and I'm sure will have something to do with both Eminem and 50 Cent's next albums, looks like it is going to have a big year. If Detox drops it could also be an unpredictably amazing year for the label.

The only one of the aforementioned artists actually have a release date set and that's Fifty. His fifth studio Street King Immortal will drop on February 26 and all I can say is that I hope it's more "Many Men" than "United Nations."

Eminem and Dre are two other stories completely. The sole evidence of an Eminem album being released in 2013 is on a baseball cap that the Official Eminem Website is selling. The baseball hat is embroidered with the D of the Detroit Tigers and eight years listed on the side of the hat (1996, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004,2009, 2010, 2013). To explain the dates the websute states "Side panel is dedicated to the landmark Eminem solo albums." How could 2013 be on the hat if he's not going to put out a landmark album.

As for Dr. Dre, the Detox album has been "in works" for so many years that I can't remember if I was still listening to the Marshall Matthers LP at the time. Well, here's hoping that 2013 is the year of the Detox. Fingers crossed.

2. O.G.s of Rap

On a fellow Blogger site(I don't know how credible it is) I read that Ice Cube was planning to release an album this year. Then I kept scrolling down the list and saw L.L. Cool J was releasing an album on February 12. I kept scrolling and more names started to jump off the list Method Man, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg (Lion?), Mystikal, Fat Joe, Juelz Santana, Jadakiss, DMX, Raekwon. All I can say is, yes please.

3. 1999 Diva's

What year is it? Both Mariah Carey and Cher are planning on releasing albums in 2013. I just checked the newspaper and yes it is 2012.

4. G.O.O.D. Music?

After a lackluster 2012 album, Cruel Summer, Kanye is getting the super group back together for another go around in 2013. Cruel Summer had some good songs except that they all were released as singles before the album was even released which took a lot of steam out of it. Hopefully Cruel Winter (original...), the follow up album, has Kanye's full attention and isn't just one of his side projects.

5. Watch The Throne 2?

Not only does Kanye have a new G.O.O.D. Musis album to help create, he has also been rumored to be planning a solo album for sometime this year and now I'm reading that Watch the Throne 2 is happening  I don't know where to begin except to say if Kanye can pull off a year like that he will solidify himself as the entertainer of my generation.

6. Young Ladies Make Music Too

Tegan and Sara, Azealia Banks and Solange all have albums scheduled for release in 2013 and if that isn't enough miss Banks, who is 21, wants to put out two albums this year and then take some time off. You are 21 what could you have done to deserve time off? Too much illegal narcotics?

7. Making Wavves

The band Wavves (I am not too familiar with them) have announced that their 2013 album will be a hip hop or hip hop inspired album. If it is anything like the song they put out with Big Boi, then I am super excited.

8. Earl Who?

The juvenile rapper and member of OFWGKTA has put out singles here and there and been on other Odd Future members songs but his long awaited debut album is set to release this year and I can't explain how excited I am. If the CD is even a fifth of what his first single off the album is then I will be satisfied.

9. Who Will Taylor Swift Date This Year?

Taylor Lautner, Tyler the Creator, the other four members of One Direction? It could literally be anyone. I think the most memorable option would be for her to break up the newly reunited Nirvana by dating Dave Grohl and Paul McCartney, now that would be hilarious. You can be sure though that after they break up they are never ever ever getting back together.

10. R.Kelly's Back! (In The Closet?)

The follow up installments to his internet soap opera (emphasis on opera)Trapped in the Closet were posted on the internet in 2012 and made very little splash in the media pond. I am expecting a lot more hoopla and maybe a conviction or two before the release of his new album Black Panties.

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