Thursday, December 27, 2012

Year in Preview: Movies

2013 Preview


Here are 10 of the movies I am most excited for in 2013.

1. Pacific Rim

When the world is attacked by giant alien creatures from another dimension the only way to survive is to create giant alien fighting robots driven by Charlie Hunnam. From what I can tell in this trailer, the battles between giant robots and dimension travelling aliens are very well done and clear. The robots look way better then the one from Transformers.

2. Star Trek: Into Darkness

All the actors from the first movie in this new rebooted series are back and on top of that they added Benedict Cumberpatch as the main villain  I was never really a Star Trek fan until J.J Abrams put out the spectacular Star Trek movie in 2009 and now I am on board. I can't wait to see who Sherlock(Benedict Cumberpatch plays Sherlock Holmes on the BBC show Sherlock) plays in this film.

3. Now You See Me

A group of magicians rob banks during their shows and then give the money to the audience? That sounds like a terrible idea for a movie, no? Actually, if the trailer is any indication, this movie looks really good. The cast of Morgan Freeman, Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson and Mark Ruffalo only take what seems like a ridiculous idea and make it much more plausible.

4. Man of Steel

The Dark Knight of the Superman universe. From the trailer you can tell that they tried to go really dark when making this movie. I don't know how I feel about that but the fact that Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner play the two fathers of Clark Kent/Kal-El makes me ok with everything else that will happen in this movie. Plus, Michael Shannon playing Zod is amazing.

5. 21 and Over

This looks like a college version of hangover and I am not against it. Skylar Astin is a surprise as the leading man in a movie but after what he did in Pitch Perfect I am loooking forward to what his career amounts to. Also doesn't Jeff Chang look like the coolest.

6. John Dies at The End

Although this movie was released at the Sundance film festival in 2012 it wont be released in theaters untill January 25 2013 which makes in one of my most anticipated movies. The trailer is so all over the place I don't really know what to expect except that John will die at the end.

7. A Haunted House

Marlon Waynes' is back doing what he does best, spoofing horror movies. Ever since the Waynes brothers left the Scary Movie franchise they have suffered from a lack of creativity and tend to rely on the same jokes. Now that Marlon is back we can all relax.

8. Baytown Outlaws

I have no idea who the three main guys in this movie are, in fact I don't even recognize them to see them. Does that deter my excitement for what looks to be a O'Brother Where Art Thou meets Smokin' Aces type of movie. All the gun fighting and explosions help too.

9. Oz: The Great and Powerful

James Franco is the Wizard of Oz? Come on... Anyway I am much more excited to see how the world of Oz is realized in this age of fancy special effects.

10. Oblivion

Tom Cruise is not one of my most liked actors in the world, actually I tend to stay away from movies that are based around how bad ass he is(how can someone who stands 5'2 be a bad ass?) And really the only thing that has me excited about this film is Morgan Freeman with the sunglasses. Is anything better the Mr. Freeman lecturing you with one of the long winded yet encapsulating speechs he does. I am sold on Morgan Freeman as winner of this movie.

Honorable Mention

All my honorable mentions that are comedies that I think will be hilarious but am not to sure if I wont have to be under the influence to find them funny.


Broken Lizard is back!


Jason Mews as a professional gamer, I think so.

Movie 43

Its like a sketch show on acid and turducken.

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