Monday, January 21, 2013

T.T.T.TV (Jan. 21)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

A Slow Night Calls For Kevin Bacon

1. The Following

The series premiere of this Kevin Bacon procedural gets a lucky break by having it's premiere on a day where there is nothing else really on. (Unless you watch Catfish or Bunheads then you'll have a good night.)

The premise is simple, a renown serial killer who uses Edgar Allen Poe as inspiration for his murders escapes from prison and only Kevin Bacon can catch him because he's an expert. Kevin Bacon finds and arrests the main baddie just to find out that he has a bunch of copy cats and disciples that he has been training. That's where Kevin comes in (again?) and I have to assume he will have to track all the trainee murderers.

2. How I Met Your Mother

Robin and Barney are engaged, Marshall and Lily are parents and Ted is dating another woman that might, but is probably not the mother of his children. The people in charge of this show have strung us a long for eight seasons and with this being (possibly) the last one anything could happen. I predict that they will get at least one more season and decide to again not tell us who the mother is until the end of that season. Those poor kids are never going to find out how Bob Sagat's voice met their mother.

3. Hawaii Five-0

The Five-0 team has to investigate the murder of a prostitute who is found in the house of a missing congressman. Dan-O also has to deal with the custody hearing regarding his daughter Grace.

Is this what this has come to already? Hawaii Five-0 has made the Top Three because this is a really slow TV night.

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