Thursday, January 24, 2013

T.T.T.TV (Jan. 24)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

The Night of the Half Hour Comedy

1. Archer (FX 10/9c)

Archer is one of the best adult cartoons on TV today. It revolves around the greatest secret spy in the world, Sterling Archer (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin). Archer works for his mother's spy agency with a group of misfit spies and office workers.

This weekends episode guest stars Timothy Olyphant as Sterling Archer's best friend. If Olyphant's character is anything like Raylan Givens, his Justified character, I am very excited.

2. 30 Rock (NBC 8/7c)

The last season of 30 Rock has been firing on all cylinders and they don't seem to be slowing down. There is about four or five episodes left in the final season and with Tina Fey's plans to end the comedy when it's on top, I can only imagine what is coming up at the end of the series.

3. Parks and Recreation (NBC 8:30/7:30c)

Last week Leslie and Ben had their Bachelor/ette parties. Leslie's party turned into an attempt to stop the building of a new fast food restaurant and Ben's party turned into a group bachelor party where all the guys got a chance to experience their own missed parties. This weeks episode is called "Garbage Women" and I can only assume that Leslie, April and Ann will be picking up garbage at some point. Enjoy your Thursday everybody.

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