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Big Brother 15: Grading the Cast

Grading the Cast

The 15th season of Big Brother starts this summer and since 15 is a lot of seasons the people in charge have decided to change up the game a little bit. First, they have a new position of power in the house that they are calling Big Brother MVP. What the MVP's powers or privileges are, we have not been let in on but it will definitely shake up the house. That isn't the only piece of speculation surrounding the internet, the other big rumor is that this season will be a no floater season. There have been talks that Big Brother has added some twists that will make it almost impossible for floaters to survive in the game. Seeing as how speculation is running rampant I have decided to do some of my own. With the help of some interviews done with the sequestered house guests by I have compiled some opinions about the new 16 house guests and made some predictions about how this season will go.

My Favorites

McCrae Olson
Age: 23
Occupation: Pizza Delivery Boy
Level of Fandom: Super Fan
First Impression: Burnout
Past House Guest Comparison: A stoned version of Ian (BB 14)
Best Case: He could win the whole thing by being underestimated and flying somewhat under the radar.
Worst Case: He could be seen as a weak link or just an expendable piece and be one of the first ones to go.
Prediction: He will make it past the halfway point and if he is secure in an strong alliance or just shocks people with wins, he could make it very close to the end. Unless he withdrawals from weed so much he has to be medically taken out of the game.
Random Thoughts: He might be my favorite house guest ever after Dr. Will and Mike Boogie.

Spencer Clawson
Age: 31
Occupation: Railroad Conductor
Level of Fandom: Hardcore Fan
First Impression: Very talkative and extremely opinionated
Past House Guest Comparison: Adam (BB 13)
Best Case: He finds a group of people accepting and aligns with them but will probably be the first one in the alliance sacrificed. Maybe he finishes in the top 10.
Worst Case: He is automatically pegged as the old guy and is ostracized and sent home before he unpacks his bags.
Prediction: He won't be one of the first five to go but I think top 10 is a reach so probably voted out sixth.
Random Thoughts: I can't look at him without imagining him in one of those little white conductor hats.

Aaryn Gries
Age: 22
Occupation: College Student
Level of Fandom: Casual Fan
First Impression: Country girl diva
Past House Guest Comparison: Jordan (BB 11, BB 13)
Best Case: She finds a Jordan/Jeff type of relationship and makes it all the way to the finale.
Worst Case: Being the youngest and arguably the most attractive female in the house the other women get jealous and decide she is a threat and get her out early.
Prediction: She will go far but I don't see her making it to the final four.

Helen Kim
Age: 37
Occupation: Political Consultant
Level of Fandom: "Big" fan
First Impression: Very well spoken, her personality seemed thought out
Past House Guest Comparison: Danielle Reyes (BB 3, BB All Stars)
Best Case: Her political background makes it easy for her to manipulate the younger house guests and she gets passed most of the other women but is just not strong enough to make it to the top 6.
Worst Case: Her constant talk about her kids and husband alienates her from the rest of the house guests and is one of the first ones to go.
Prediction: She will make into the top 10 easily but I don't think she goes very further that that.
Random Thoughts: She is the oldest player by about six years and that could be a huge problem for the other house guests.

I Just Don't Know

Andy Herren
Age: 26
Occupation: Professor
Level of Fandom: "Intense" fan
First Impression: "wacky gay guy" (his words summed it up pretty well.)
Past House Guest Comparison: Ragan Fox (BB 13)
Best Case: Everybody loves his wacky attitude and he uses his incredible Jesse Tyler Ferguson likeness to have the whole house eating out of his hands.
Worst Case: He annoys everyone in the house and they turn against him instantly.
Prediction: I have a hard time figuring this guy out but he is a ginger so I would guess he doesn't make it into the top 10.
Random Thoughts: He might get on my nerves very quickly.

Howard Overby
Age: 29
Occupation: Youth Counselor
Level of Fandom: Casual Fan
First Impression: Quiet, Gentleman, Very Religious
Past House Guest Comparison: Hardy (BB 2)
Best Case: He dominates the challenges and easily walks into the final four.
Worst Case: He comes off overly religious and it makes everyone in the house uncomfortable which makes him a pariah and he looses it and gets into a fight that sends him out the door.
Prediction: He could go as far as he wants but his prediction of being the first African American to win this game is very doubtful. The religious players don't usually make it that far in a game where you're lying the moment you get up. Maybe top 10.
Random Thoughts: He could crush me in the palm of his hand so I really don't think any one will be confronting him over anything this season.

Floaters (or The least impactful players)

Candice Stewart
Age: 29
Occupation: Pediatric Speech Therapist
Level of Fandom: Casual Fan
First Impression: Ditsy, Airhead
Past House Guest Comparison: Danielle (BB 14)
Best Case: She finds a man(or women) who's coattail she can ride into the top 6.
Worst Case: If floaters are really extinct this season than she will be forced into making moves she is not comfortable with and that could turn people against her fast. She also doesn't seem like someone that could handle that which would lead to an early exit (eviction or voluntarily).
Prediction: She makes it passed the first four weeks and then is put up as a pawn and ends up going home.

David Girton
Age: 25
Occupation: Lifeguard
Level of Fandom: Casual Fan
First Impression: Chill Bro, Surfer
Past House Guest Comparison: A Dumber Frank (BB 14)
Best Case: He is physically fit and could possibly stay in the game long just by winning competitions and saving himself.
Worst Case: He is SO chill that it pisses off the other players who are actually trying to make game plans while he says "cool, bro." The other players get him out quickly for being a floater (not just in the game but in life as well.)
Prediction: He won't make it to a smaller table. (When the number of house guests starts to diminish Big Brother brings in smaller dinning room tables.)
Random Thoughts: He will set the record for the most dudes, yo's, and cool's in an hour of TV.

Kaitlin Barnaby
Age: 23
Occupation: Bartender
Level of Fandom: Newbie
First Impression: Sheltered, Home Schooled, attractive
Past House Guest Comparison: Cassi (BB 13)
Best Case: She makes it through the first few weeks simply by not being a threat but when everyone figures out she has no idea what she is doing they decide to send her packing.
Worst Case: She realizes she was not cut out for this and within the first 24 hours shes leaves.
Prediction: I think Kaitlin will make it passed the first few weeks but only because no one sees her as a threat but as soon as a pawn is needed she will go up and if the other nominee(nominees*) play it right they will easily be able to switch the votes against her.

* There are rumors that there will be three nominees each week instead of just two.

Jessie Kowalski
Age: 25
Occupation: Unemployed
Level of Fandom: Hardcore Fan
First Impression: Very young, naive
Past House Guest Comparison: Porsche (BB 13)
Best Case: She flies under the radar as the house eliminates the threats and she easily makes it to the top 8.
Worst Case: She is way to nice and puts herself up as a pawn and goes home early.
Prediction: I could see her float into the top 10 but probably not any further.

If They Don't Find An Alliance They Could be In Trouble

Judd Daughtery
Age: 26
Occupation: Property Appraiser
Level of Fandom: Hardcore Fan
First Impression: Nice guy, hillbilly
Past House Guest Comparison: Cowboy Michael (BB 5)
Best Case: Everyone finds him charming and he makes it to the final four.
Worst Case: Everyone finds him annoying and can barely understand him which makes him even more annoying and the other house guests plan to get him out over the big threats in the house.
Prediction: Judd will not make it very far unless he has like minded people with him in an alliance but even then I see him going home before the top 8.
Random Thoughts: If there was a pond in the backyard he would catch fish with his bare hands.

Elissa Slater
Age: 27
Occupation: Nutritionist
Level of Fandom: Hardcore Fan
First Impression:  Sneaky, Conniving
Past House Guest Comparison: Rachel (BB 12, BB 13)
Best Case: She teaches everyone yoga and they fall in love with her and keep her around for way to long.
Worst Case: Everyone finds out she is Rachel Reilly's sister and target her first.
Prediction: If she keeps the annoying Rachel vibe down I can see her making it into the top 10 easily.
Random Thoughts: Being Rachel's sister and not murdering her in her sleep means that she has been through a lot in her life and should give her a little credibility but the moment she starts to act like her I will turn on her really fast.

Nick Uhas
Age: 23
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Level of Fandom: Hardcore Fan
First Impression: Cocky, Calculating
Past House Guest Comparison: A slightly less humble Alec (BB Canada)
Best Case: He forms an alliance with other strong players and uses them to get all the way to the finale.
Worst Case: He is seen as a threat the moment he walks in, the house targets him and gets him out early.
Prediction: I don't think Nick will do well at all and at best I could see him making it to week 6 or 7.
Random Thoughts: Nick is an "entrepreneur" which means he is probably unemployed.

First Ones To Go

Amanda Zuckerman
Age: 28
Occupation: Real Estate Agent
Level of Fandom: Casual Fan
First Impression: Aggressive, In your face
Past House Guest Comparison: Jen (BB 8)
Best Case: She makes it passed the first week and then she fall under the radar because there are bigger threats in the house.
Worst Case: She doesn't make it passed the first day because she bitch slapped one of the other girls and gets kicked out.
Prediction: I think she will be an easy out and that might get her through a few eviction ceremonies but she will be one of the first five to go.
Random Thoughts: She told the interviewer that she was a great listener but to be a great listener you have to listen to everyone and I just don't see her having a conversation with McCrae or Spencer.

GinaMarie Zimmerman
Age: 32
Occupation: Pageant Coordinator
Level of Fandom: Casual Fan
First Impression: Loud, Extremely loud
Past House Guest Comparison: Chef Joe (BB14)
Best Case: Her and the other females decide to get rid of all the men which leaves her in the top eight and then gets sent home because no one else can stand her yelling for no reason.
Worst Case: When she screams hello to one of the other house guests she blows their eardrum and becomes public enemy number one and sent home as soon as the newly def house guest can get her out.
Prediction: She is the second oldest female in the house and easily the loudest. I don't see her making it passed the third week.

Jeremy McGuire
Age: 23
Occupation: Boat Shop Associate
Level of Fandom: Newbie
First Impression: Farm boy, Lives on a boat
Past House Guest Comparison: Shane (BB 14)
Best Case: If he can win competitions like Shane did last season then he will make it very far.
Worst Case: Everyone sees through his nice guy act and realize he has no idea what he is doing and get rid of him in the first eviction ceremony.
Prediction: I don't think Jeremy will be the first to go but it wouldn't surprise me. What would surprise me is if he made it passed week 4.
Random Thoughts: Jeremy was the player I least liked from the interviews only because he told the interviewer he wouldn't tell him his strategy. Why wouldn't you tell the interviewer, and subsequently the whole internet, your plans? If you had a great strategy that would get the hardcore Big Brother fans on your side.

Cast Grade: B-

I am very interested to see how these group of people interact with each other. There are so many different personalities that I could see a lot of confrontations but at the same time there are enough "laid back" people that we might get another boring season with very little action. The main thing I look forward to is to see if the "attractive" people will distance themselves from the "normal" looking people or if that kind of stuff wont matter and the players do what is best for them in the game.

Another season of Big Brother starts this Wednesday and that can only mean one thing, expect the unexpected.

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