Sunday, March 31, 2013

T.T.T.TV. (March 31)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

Swords, Axes and Fire, Lots of Fire

1. Game of Thrones (HBO 9/8c)

The third season is supposedly the one that the guys in charge were most excited to make. Hearing that made me even more excited then I already was, which means GoT gets the number one spot on a crowded Sunday night. What will Tyrion do about being shoved aside by his family? How will Deanerys' plans to get her throne back go? And will Hodor become the hero and star of the show everyone wants?

2. The Walking Dead (AMC 9/8c)

The season finale means one thing, the conflict with the Governor will come to an end. How that happens and how many people will die seems up to Rick which probably means that he will pick the wrong thing to do and then get a lot of people dead. In the comics (which are very different than the show) when this conflict ended almost half of the group was killed so I would not be surprised to see a fair number of the cast kick the bucket. What I really want to happen though is that the Governor gets an awesome farewell, like with flames and explosions. Is there any other way that he could go out?

3. Vikings (The History Channel 10/9c)

Earl Haraldson learns from a seer (psychic) that Ragnor wants him dead and that is not something the Earl takes to kindly to. So instead of taking precautions and preparing himself, he decides to take action and burn Ragnor's home and farm to the ground. From seeing how Ragnor is after four episodes I don't think he will be too happy with the Earl and I expect some sort of fight which is always a good thing on this show.

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sunday is Coming!

Game of Thrones Season 3 Premiere

Since The Game of Thrones comes back this Sunday I thought it would be a good idea to get everyone in the mood by showing them some videos. Here we go.

Recap of Season 1 & 2

Season 3 Trailer

Season 3 Trailer #2

Season 3 In Production

Season 3 Invitation to the Set

New Cast Members

Inside The Wildlings

The Opening Theme Song

Game of Thrones 16-Bit RPG

Stark Children BeatBox Theme

Game of Thrones SNL

Game of Thrones 1995 Style

Friday, March 29, 2013

Big Brother Canada Recap: Episode 14

Big Brother Canada Recap

Is Suzette Really Gone?

After a lackluster episode where Emmet won the Veto and didn't use it, we got a pretty boring eviction episode. You might have picked the wrong house guests if the only enjoyable part of them being in the house is when they make the nominees have a double date. The date would have been that much better if the booze was flowing.

In Memoriam
(Remembering the evicted house guest.)


You stayed way longer then I ever expected you to stay. When you were supposed to go away you didn't. What more can I say about the mother of three who as soon as you noticed there were groups in the house, stopped playing the game. Your tactic was instead to try and make everyone feel bad for you so that they wouldn't vote you out (even though you won't admit it). The fact that you said that you had nothing left to accomplish in the house left me speechless. You didn't win one challenge and the only time you had any power you got it by answering a phone first. Well Suzette I wish you all the best and hope you don't come back when the show inevitably brings back a contestant (more on this later).

Head of Household
(The HoH has all the power in the house.)

Competition: Before or After

The contestants stood on a middle step with a 'before' step behind them and an after step in front. After Arisa gave the players two events they had to decide whether the first thing happened before or after the second thing, by choosing a step.The goal of the game is to be the last person standing.

The first three questions where pretty easy and everyone got them right but the fourth question stumped more then half of the players leaving only AJ, Topaz and Talla. AJ was the next to be eliminated from the game and Talla got the question after that wrong meaning the sleeping beauty is the new HoH.

Winner: Topaz

The Double Date

For some reason Big Brother thought it would be cool to have AJ and Suzette pick two people (that weren't in a showmance) to have dinner with them while the rest of the house guests served them. They picked Peter and Talla to join them which meant Emmet was the maitre d, Alec was the waiter, Jillian and Andrew where the cooks and Topaz and Gary (The Glitter Army) were the entertainment.

This part of the show was extremely hard to watch, especially the diary room interviews with Suzette and AJ. You could tell he didn't want to be there.

WTF: These Bro's
(Things I just can't explain.)

During a couple segments when Arisa was talking you could see two brightly colored bro's over her shoulder. When Suzette is evicted they high five and later on it looks like the one in red is distraught.

Random Thoughts
(Here are some of my random thoughts.)

- Arisa said there was another Chevy Power Shift coming on Sundays show. With how many people have already been evicted I can only imagine that it will be a vote to bring one evicted contestant back on the show. And my only guess' would be Canada will bring back either Tom or Suzette.

- Why is Topaz in the house if she refuses to do anything? All she does is sleep and she's starting to ignore the Big Brother people. Get her off the show.

- If Topaz and Gary (Secret Wedding) aligned with AJ and Andrew (the Old Guys) they could control the house.

- Emmet could have been a lot harsher to Suzette and that he apologized surprised me.

- I don't know if it's because no one wants to say anything that could be turned against them or that they are just boring but during the live shows every bodies answer are lame and extremely short.

Prediction Update
(Checking in on some of my early predictions.)

- Gary is blowing my prediction away. He hasn't aligned with anyone really (unless you count his secret deal with Alec that they both have said is just for show) and he has gotten really far in the game with no ones help.

- I chose AJ and Suzette as the first two people to get evicted and can not express how wrong I was. Suzette just went home and it looks like AJ is flying so far under the radar he could be the pawn every week and no one would vote him out.

- Andrew is still my favorite to win the game (Peter is my second) but he needs to actually win a HoH (on his own) and make a big move.

Running Cast Grade: C+
(Last Episode: C)
(Grading the cast on an episode to episode basis.)

This episode was better than the last but that is not saying very much. There was an orchestrated date,  a IPod and headphones controversy (barely) and an HoH game that let the most boring person left in the house all the power. I am all for bringing someone back if it's Tom just because he will have a grudge but don't expect the show to get anymore exciting if say Danielle or Liza come back (if anyone is coming back that is).

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Big Brother Canada Recap: Episode 13

Big Brother Canada Recap

Another Uneventful Veto

After an episode that had Alec win the Head of Household and nominate the easiest picks, Suzette and AJ, I knew there would be a lull in the action. What I didn't know was that the episode would be so boring that the best part would be Talla getting drunk and trying to molest Topaz. Who am I kidding? Talla trying to molest Topaz would have always been the best part of the episode.

Power of Veto
(Winning the Power of Veto means you can change one of the nominations.)

Competition: Cabin Fever

Players: Alec, Suzette, AJ, Gary, Jillian and Emmet

Each player had a helmet with a tin can attached to it and the goal was to transfer enough water from a leaky roof to a giant thermometer only using the tin can.

Winner: Emmet

Ceremony: Emmet decided not to use the Veto to prove to Alec that he was still with the boys.

(The two players currently nominated for eviction.)

Suzette - She is the main target and if Big Brother has anything to say about it, they will probably try and keep her in the house because she is the only one going against the main people in the house.

AJ - Anuj the Pawn Star!

Marcia The Moose

Marcia the Moose is back! This time she had a super secret mission for AJ. AJ had to create a work out plan and convince two people to do it with him for ten minutes. (The thing about these missions is that they aren't stuff people would question if they were locked up with someone with nothing to do for a couple months. I would do anything if I was as bored as them.) AJ got Topaz, Talla and Andrew to participate and easily succeeded in his mission. The prize for succeeding was a Summer BBQ Pool party.

Showmance/Alliance Update
(Here's an update on all the alliances in the house.)

- Emmet and Jillian are becoming an actual couple and think everyone is too scared to put them up.

- The Shield (or The S.H.E.I.L.D.) has control of the house and Big Brother is trying to turn them into the Canadian Chilltown.

- Secret Wedding (Gary and Topaz) is either super secretive or has been forgotten about.

Mini Power Rankings
(A quick rankings of the top players in the house.)

3. Peter - With Alec in the HoH Peter is safe and has some control over the house.

2. Emmet - The winner of the Power of Veto, is part of the boys alliance and has some pull with the man in charge. By not using the Veto he helps the boys and proves to them that he has their back.

1. Alec - Winner of the HoH, a message from his mom and $10,000. He is arguably the smartest player in the house and arguably the most fit in the game, I don't think there is any one person who can get him out.

Random Thoughts
(Here are some of my random thoughts.)

- Suzette is oblivious. She thinks she is nominated because people are scared of her then she picks Jillian to play for her in the Veto comp because she thought there womenness would bring them together.

- Why is it that no one ever things they are nominated because people think they are a floater and don't deserve to win? It's always these people are scared of me.

- Topaz had her bikini waxed by Topaz while Gary watched and danced.

- I love that AJ trying looks incredibly like AJ not trying.

Running Cast Grade: C
(Last Episode: B)
(Grading the cast on an episode to episode basis.)

The only thing that kept this grade from dropping even lower was drunken Talla. Why hasn't Big Brother realized the best way to get some action is to give the house guests alcohol. They have been giving them more it seems but it is still not enough. Just think about it Gary drunkenly berating someone (Emmet, Jillian?), Talla getting naked and trying to jump someones bones (AJ, Topaz), or Emmet getting so drunk his true feelings for Gary come out. What I'm trying to say is that more alcohol will make more controversy.

T.T.T.TV. (March 28)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

A Comic Book Store, a Spy and a Baby

1. Archer (FX 10/9c)

Archer is posing as a priest and it's Pam's first mission as a field agent. What better first mission then going to Vatican city and saving(killing?) the Pope? Plus, Archer with a mustache is pretty bad ass.

2. Raising Hope (Fox 9/8c)

Shirley Jones guest stars as Burt's mother. She also brings the surprise news that Burt is Jewish, which sends the whole Chance family into a Judaic crash course. They will learn about Jewish holidays and Burt will even have his Bar Mitzvah.

3. Comic Book Men (AMC 9/8c)

If you like comic books and good friends ragging on each other? If yes you have found the right show. You have four guys who run a comic book store for Kevin Smith and all the wacky and crazy things that happen there. If this isn't your type of show but you love The Walking Dead, during one of the commercials there is always a sneak peak at the next TWD episode. (You can always find those clips on YouTube.)

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ranking The Teams

The Voice: Ranking The Teams

If God Was One Of Us He'd Watch The Voice

In this post I will be ranking the teams on an episode to episode basis. I will be taking into consideration the picks, the coaches decision, tactics and who has a pet bird with them.

1. Team Adam

After stealing the best performer of the first episode Adam got two artists this time around. He got the folk duo, Midas Whale, and ended up stealing the best performer of this episode too. Sarah Simmons was the final performer of the episode and belted out 'What if God was one of us?' Add those two to Judith Hill and Adam has the best team early on in this season of the Voice.

Best Performance: Sarah Simmons

2. Team Shakira

After a weak start on the first episode Shakira picked up two artists that have helped move her up in the meaningless rankings. Tawnya Reynolds killed a a country song and chose to go with Shakira while Cathia spoke to her by singing a Spanish song. Shakira is easily building the most unique team of the competition right now.

Best Performance: Cathia

3. Team Blake

Blake didn't actually pick up any artists but he still has one of the strongest teams so far and as long as he has the twins he wont ever be in fourth place.

Best Performance: 

4. Team Usher

Usher only added one member and he was probably the least memorable contestant so far. Josiah Hawley is a bro with a guitar and pairing him with Usher is strange but could be good in the long run. Usher needs to step up his negotiating or he will fall behind Adam and Blake even more and Shakira might end up crushing the other newbie coach.

Best Performance: Josiah Hawley 

T.T.T.TV. (March 27)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

Shawn Spencer, Jeff Probst and Alec Beal...

1. Psych (USA Network 10/9c)

Another episode means another case for the not-so-psychic Shawn Spencer. The only difference this week is that it is the 100th episode, which means a whole bunch of gimmicks. The big one that has been previewed is that the fans can choose who is the killer in the end of the episode. I don't know if it will be a vote on Twitter or on their website what I do know is that I really don't care who the villain is as long as this episode is as funny or funnier than the previous 99.

2. Survivor (CBS 8/7c)

The tribes were all switched up last week and one tribe is still obviously a lot better off than the other one. The young, attractive tribe looks to have the upper hand and can probably run the table until the merge. The only thing that looks like it could change the game is this so called "plan" that Malcolm has to take over. Will he be able to or will that just put a target on his back.

3. Big Brother Canada (Slice 8/7c)

The inaugural season of the Canadian version of the hit reality TV show, where a number of random strangers have to live in a house together for a couple months. The premise is simple and can be executed at a high level if you have the right mix of people but considering this is the first time it has made it into the T.T.T.TV. they really haven't hit there stride. The lack of controversy and confrontation has really limited the amount of excitement I have for this show but since there is really not that much else on TV tonight I suggest you check it out.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Voice: Ranking The Teams

The Voice: Ranking The Teams

The Season Starts With A Bang

This season we have two new judges and in this space I will look at how the new and old judges do on an episode to episode basis. I'll be ranking the teams based on the coaches on the choices, the tactics they used and the Beiber bribery's.

1. Team Adam

Adam only got one singer to join his team last night but that doesn't matter because he got the easy front runner right now. He convinced Judith Hill to ditch the other three coaches by threatening to light himself on fire if she didn't join him. To Blake's dismay Adam didn't have to light himself on fire and secured the best singer from the first episode.

Best Performance: Judith Hill

2. Team Blake

Blake brought in four singers but two of them where twin country singers that only counted as one. Besides the Morgan twins, he got a 16 year old with a powerful voice and the "Sexy and I Know it" Christian Porter. If Blake could have got Judith Hill on his team he would easily have the number one spot but without Miss Hill Blake gets dropped to two.

Best Performance: Christian Porter

3. Team Usher

Usher tried to bribe one of younger contestants with the prospect of getting free Beiber tickets but that failed and the 16 year old went with Blake instead. He was the only one who turned around for Vedo and seemed to get stuck with the indie rocker Jess Kelner. He hasn't gotten the hang of competiting with Adam and Blake but his small grasp on American geography might be his downfall in the end.

Best Performance: Vedo

4. Team Shakira

Shakira was unlucky in that she was sitting in Cee Lo's old chair and seemed to get beat by the guys for every artist. She did a solo turn for Kris Thomas, the guy who sang the Whitney song and narrowly beat out Usher for Mark Andrews because his "wife wouldn't be able to forgive [him] if [he] didn't pick Shakira. So the only reason she got her second competitor was because the guys wife is a Shakira fan.

Best Performance: Kris Thomas

T.T.T.TV. (March 26)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

More Blind Auditions, Raylan Givens and Two Fights in One Night

1. Justified (FX 10/9c)

This is the last episode before the season finale and it looks like things are heating up. Boyd and Eva are on the run, Shelby/Drew is worried about Ellen May and Raylan only cares about stopping some bad guys. We definitely got our fill of people getting shot last week and since the finale is a week away I wouldn't be surprised if they slowed down on the action. We do get to see Limehouse again, that's always fun.

2. The Voice (NBC 8/7c)

Last nights first episode was filled with a lot of amazing singers. They even show a bunch more failures, which they didn't do last year, that makes for a little more suspense with who the coaches are going to pick. The clip also tells of the biggest battle in The Voice history which is probably just hyperbole but I am still pretty excited.

3. The Ultimate Fighter (FX 9/8c)

The Quarterfinals are set to begin with two fights on the show tonight. Hart vs. Gastelum looks to be entertaining but the main draw for the episode is the Englishman vs. the New Zealander, Barnett vs Andrews, I know for a fact that these two will stand and trade and both want it so much that this is going to be one heck of a fight.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Big Brother Canada Recap: Episode 12

Big Brother Canada Recap

The Shield is in Control

Last week we saw "the two most hated" contestants leave the house in a double eviction episode that wasn't all that surprising. A couple domino moments happened because of that eviction. Emmet was left on with only one true ally in Jillian, Suzette became the easy next pick to be eliminated, Peter and Alec were more exposed than ever and besides Emmet, Gary is now the biggest physical threat in the house.

Head of Household
(The HoH has all the power in the house.)

Competition: The Great Urban Adventure

This was a timed competition. Each player was given a list of Canadian monuments that they had to find in a glass maze. The pictures of each monument had corresponding numbers and the goal was to memorize the first number of each monument in order to have a four digit code.Once the player thinks they have the code they must run to a glass box, yell the code out loud and if it is correct the box will turn green. If the box turns green the competitor must remove the car key from the box, unlock the car and honk the horn for their time to stop. Not only did the winner get the HoH but they also received $10,000 and a special Big Brother prize that turned out to be a message from home.

Winner: Alec

(The two players currently nominated for eviction.)

Suzette - Alec told Suzette before the ceremony that she was going up on the block. Suzette is the easy person to go after this week because Alec doesn't have to make any enemies with this pick.

AJ - The pawn of pawns. AJ is probably not going home but the fact that even Jillian said that he is not threatening should start a fire under his ass.

Best Quotes
(Here are some of the best quotes from last nights episode.)

3. Talla - "Fail, epic, all capital letters."

2. Peter - "This was probably her best freak out. I'm happy that I was there to witness it and I hope that she has another one very soon."

1. Andrew - "He's a Pussy."

Random Thoughts
(Here are some of my random thoughts.)

- Andrew had every right to be upset that Alec gave him the HoH during the double eviction and in hindsight,  Andrew throwing that competition would have been one of the best moves this year.

- I don't know if this says anything about Canada as a whole but the players in the house really love their booze.

- Spin the bottle have shed some light on some of the real personalities of the cast. Andrew will kiss anything, Talla really likes Topaz and AJ is easily the creepiest person in the house.

- Suzette thinks she scares the people in the house because she is a "wildcard." I think she is being targeted because when she leaves no one will want to avenge her.

- Can we forever change the term of pawn to Anuj?

Running Cast Grade: B
(Last Episode: B+)
(Grading the cast on an episode to episode basis.)

Last episode we had Tom being Tom, this episode was a lot calmer. The only real tension in the house was from Andrew. He has a grudge against Alec and hopefully next chance he gets he acts upon it. With the cast dwindling we get closer to the point where everyone in the house are friends. This could be helped if we start getting other people who win the HoH. What will happen if Talla ever wins anything?

T.T.T.TV. (March 25)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

Blind Auditions, Paranormal Activity and A Bates Motel

1. The Voice (NBC 8/7c)

I love The Voice, it is easily the best reality singing competition on TV right now. That probably has something to do with the fact that they allow people who have had music contracts and some success in the industry into the competition. Never the less this season could easily be the most entertaining with Usher taking over for Cee Lo and Shakira taking Christina's chair. The new judges will help divide the talent and not all the powerful female voices will end up with Christina which should give Blake a chance to actually get people to join his team, although Usher is pretty famous.

2. Being Human (Syfy 9/8c)

Meanwhile in the house that a vampire, werewolf and ghost-turned-zombie share, there is a hunger for human flesh. Not only that but the vampire community need to drink werewolf blood in order to vaccinate themselves from a vampire illness. I swear this show is a lot more interesting then I make it out to be. Did I mention the vampire is dating a human history buff...

3. Bates Motel (A&E 10/9c)

Norma and Norman Bates have officially christened their new home by dumping their first body into the lake. I imagine there will be a lot more bodies in that lake before the end of the season. Maybe the helpless girl at the end of the first episode will be in the lake at the end of the season. Speaking of the helpless girl, who is holding her captive(Norma or Norman)? Where is she being held? Who is she? What is she being injected with? I know one thing, I will be hanging around this show until I at least find these things out.

I will be doing this post Sunday to Thursday because there is nothing good on TV Friday and Saturday. If you want to follow me on Twitter or send me some feedback follow me at @AJ_Trevor 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

T.T.T.TV. (March 24)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

Vikings, Consultants and Zombies, Oh My

1. Vikings (The History Channel 10/9c)

This week Ragnar Lothbrok and his merry men travel to another English town to raid and pillage. Although they are met with more resistance than the last town, the real trouble comes when they return home and have to deal with the Earle and the consequences to certain actions. Will the merry group of Vikings stick together  in face of the Earle? Or will Ragnar cut off his head and take control (this is very unlikely but I really want it to happen).

2. The Walking Dead (AMC 9/8c)

It looks like this episode will be devoted to Merle. Will the group accept him? Will he apologize to Glen for tying him to a chair, beating him, leaving him in the room with a walker, and then taking his girlfriend to be almost raped by a psycho? Will Glen shoot him in the face? Although I might not be too interested in that story line it has to be better than anything with Andrea right?

3. House of Lies (Showtime 9/8c)

Marty is trying to start his own company but he is going to need clients for that. It looks like this week we will get our first look at how he is going to try and poach some of Galweather's clients. Also Jeannie looks to be getting her own "pod," while Doug dates she-Doug and Clyde feels guilty and insecure. What will happen next?

I will be doing this post Sunday to Thursday because there is nothing good on TV Friday and Saturday. If you want to follow me on Twitter or send me some feedback follow me at @AJ_Trevor 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Big Brother Canada Recap: Episode 11

Big Brother Canada Recap

Two Weeks of Game In One Episode

Last episode we saw Alec win the Veto and not use it to change the nominations. Tom was not to pleased with him but Gary was so excited he vomited glitter (didn't actually happen). Now we have a double eviction with a whole lot of action in one hour.

In Memoriam
(Remembering the evicted house guest.)


When I first saw you I thought you were a chauvinistic, bumbling dope, then I saw you be nice to Gary and start to act like a human and my opinion changed. I thought this guy isn't the homophobic, minority hating person I originally thought he was. I finally decided to give Tom the benefit of the doubt until he decided opening the show door while Alec was in there would be funny. If it was a female in the shower he would have been kicked out of the house but it was male so it was ok? Tom, you say that you had a hard life and that's why you act the way you do but the reality is everyone has their troubles and that doesn't give anyone the right to treat people like you did in this game. I hope you learn from this and become a better person, who am I kidding have fun getting drunk and bashing all the house guests.

Head of Household
(The HoH competition)

Competition: Face-off

Two contestants started his competition at the podiums. They would be asked a question about one of the games they have played this season and each answer will either be Have/Have Not, HoH, or PoV. The first person to answer right moves on and decides which two will go next. The last person standing wins the HoH.

Topaz vs AJ - Topaz wins and selects Liza and Talla next
Liza vs Talla - Liza wins and selects Topaz and Alec
Alec vs Topaz - Alec wins and selects Liza and Suzette
Liza vs Suzette - Suzette wins and selects Andrew and Jillian
Andrew vs Jillian - Jillian answers incorrectly, Andrew wins and selects Suzette and Peter
Suzette vs Peter - Suzette wins and selects Andrew and Emmet
Andrew vs Emmet - Emmet answers incorrectly, Andrew wins and selects Suzette and Alec
Alec vs Suzette - Alec wins and he and Andrew are the last two
Alec vs Andrew - Alec knew the answer but gave it to Andrew and let him win

Winner: Andrew

(The two players currently nominated for eviction.)

Suzette - I think the only reason Andrew nominated Suzette was because he needed someone to be next to Liza but didn't want to make any new enemies.

Liza - After Tom's eviction it wasn't a surprise to see Andrew nominate Liza and it's a even less of a surprise that she is the target.

Power of Veto
(Winning the Power of Veto means you can change one of the nominations.)

Competition: Let's Get Chewing

Players: Andrew, Liza, Suzette, Peter, AJ, Emmet

The contestants had to first grab a piece of bubblegum from a machine, chew it while they are bouncing on a bouncy ball(they are not allowed to run) towards a picture wall. The Picture wall has five numbered frames from one to five. The goal was once you had bounced to the picture board you needed to use your gum to stick pictures of your cast mates into the frames in order of when they were eliminated from the hang on to a tree HoH competition.

Winner: Emmet


The episode was supercharged and so were the ceremonies. Emmet quickly decided not to use the PoV stating that he wanted to leave a person that burned him up on the block(it was Liza).

In Memoriam Part Deux
(Remembering the evicted house guest.)


As you admitted to Arisa you played one of the worst games in Big Brother history. The plan to use the boys to do your dirty work sounded good in theory but the execution was way off. Firstly, you didn't actually use all the boys you stuck with Tom, Peter, and Andrew which left you vulnerable to all the other males in the house not to mention females. You then decided to not only align with Jillian(?) so that you could have got the boys be fore they got you, you also started hitting to get people out before it was a reasonable idea. Sad times for one of my picks to make it far in the game. You probably wont be missed but good luck in everything.

Random Thoughts
(Here are some of my random thoughts.)

- Tom opening the shower on Alec was a dirt bag move and only solidifies that Tom is a Bro but not one of the cool Bro's you would normally want to hang out with, the douchey kind.

- Peter's farewell speeches to Tom and Liza were probably the best since the last time Will Kirby played the US version.

- Arisa's commentary during the competitions was kind of annoying it's one thing to make a couple comments, it's another when every time there is even a second break she has something to say, "Let's go!"

- Topaz asking to speak during the eviction process was stupid. Haven't you ever seen the show Topaz? During a live double eviction episode there isn't any time to waste.

Running Cast Grade: B+
(Last Episode: B)
(Grading the cast on an episode to episode basis.)

I am only giving the cast a B= today because they got rid of Tom and Liza in one episode without any sort of explosion or disagreement. It could have been higher but Tom blew everyone away by keeping his composure even after all the bad stuff said about him in the farewell interviews. Now that all that drama is gone, I don't know what it will take to keep the show from plummeting into boringness. Maybe Gary wining another Head of Household, Topaz and Jillian going at each others throat, maybe even having Peter and Alec betray one another. We can only hope for some controversy.